Rumor: Apple to launch new product later this month?

According to AppleInsider, Apple is restricting retail employee vacations by disallowing vacation three weeks early in 2011. The three weeks are said to be the last week of January and the first two of February.

Rumors are suggesting that Apple will be launching a new major product later this month which is why they need as much retail staff in their stores as possible.

AppleInsider speculates that it could be a CDMA iPhone for Verizon or the second-generation iPad.

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8 thoughts on “Rumor: Apple to launch new product later this month?”

  1. There’s all kinds of rumors flying around, it could be a Verizon iPhone or a dedicated TV from Apple. It’s more likely to be a Verizon iPhone than anything else though.

    • I wouldn’t expect them to make a TV, as they recently launched a new Apple TV box, so they would kinda be competing against each other quite heavily.

  2. I think it’s most likely the two you indicated: Verizon iPhone and the iPAD II….both.

    These guys are on a ROLL!!

    AAPL $306B
    GOOG $196B

    Pretty impressive.

    • Yeah, I guess it could be both. I’ll bet there are sooo many people in the US wanting the iPhone but hating AT&T, so with iPhone coming to Verizon MUST mean even more iPhone sales. I have no doubt in my mind that Android will become number #1 smartphone OS since you can get it on really cheap devices as well, but there’s no reason to make it easy for them 🙂

      As someone else commented here on TP recently, “Android is the Windows of Mobiles and iOS is the Mac of mobiles”. Obviosuly Android is not as bad as Windows 😀 – but it will run on a ton of devices, including the cheap ones, where as iOS will only run on the expensive devices (iPhones).

      • Klaus,

        I’ve been on AT&T for 10+ years. I can tell you it’s not a network issue that causes the whining you hear (even all the way from Europe). It’s the iPhone itself.

        You never heard this whining prior to the iPhone.

        How do I know? I carried both a BB Curve and a iPhone 3Gs BOTH for four months in 2010. Both on the AT&T network. Any time the iPhone had connectivity issues, I would check the BB and it would be perfect.

        There were even cases where the 3Gs would have no service at all, and the BB would have maybe one or two bars but have NO issues.

        One of my degrees is Electrical Engineering and I can tell you low power microwave comb receivers are not trivial items to design and build. The RF Engineers at RIM are just much smarter RF designers than the ones in Cupertino.

        Now the Apple guys CRUSH the RIM guys for just about everything else: functionality, OS, design, innovation, the big picture, etc.

        On the other comment – I am the one that said that about the Operating Systems. The problem is not Android itself, it’s trying to run it on 500 different HW platforms, each with it’s own layer of crap gooped on top of it.

        Very much the same issue Windows had (still has).

        The iOS is running ONLY on Apple designed and co-designed HW. Same as a MAC and OSx.

        If you go online and waste a lot of time reading Android forums, it’s a nightmare of nonsense and issues which parallels almost exactly the early Windows days.

        It was one late evening after spending about 2-3 hours reading these technical Android forums that caused me the next day to drop my Curve and buy the iPhone 4!

        Been there, done that! Not again.

  3. I read from that it’ll be another IPAD 2 Model. It says that… “The iPad 2 model is complete with front-sided camera hold, enlarged speaker grill and a backside camera. It also follows the tapered edges with flat-back that has been depicted in numerous case designs. Apple is expected to launch the iPad 2 in the first quarter of 2011 with some expecting an announcement within the next few weeks.”

    • That sounds like an interesting iPad – I’d defintely be upgrading to that one as long as the screen is not smaller than the current version 🙂


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