Honda sponsors Channel 4 documentaries

Many of us use cars, ATVs, lawn mowers, generators, motorbikes and marine engines the way they were normally supposed to be used. However, little do we know that there are certain Honda owners who use their Honda products in unusual, extraordinary and unique ways.

Throughout 2011, Honda UK is proud to release to the public an online hub, a series of mini-documentaries and sponsorship idents for Channel 4.

The famous slogan “Documentaries on 4, sponsored by Honda” that belonged to last year’s idents will now continue for this new campaign, which will feature brand-led films starring real-life people who make use of their Honda products in unique ways.

All phases of the campaign will be accompanied by Facebook and Twitter activities, which aims to engage users and link to their online hub at where the documentaries will be fully accessible with other interesting articles, films and stories.

When you visit their online hub, you get to see the some documentaries about real-life people using their Honda products in unique ways. The first Honda film features farmer Philippa Wills who uses her Honda ATV to tend to her alpacas. The next film features a sheep farmer, Adrian Bell, who uses his Honda generator to power up sheep scanners that can determine whether a ewe is pregnant or not. Another interesting film features an escort rider for British Cycling, Nigel Farquhar, who uses his Honda Transalp to stay ahead of the riders and ensure that the road is clear.Sam Heath and Chris Groom, the creative directors of Wieden + Kennedy (W+K), stated that, “We knew there were all sorts of people using all sorts of Honda products in extraordinary ways. A documentary format provided the perfect platform to celebrate them.”

So, how do you use your Honda? Do you use it in your own bizarrely unique ways? If you are a Honda owner, you can also go to their “Take Part” section and upload your own story and photos, documenting the peculiarly unique ways on how you use your Honda product. If your story becomes a favourite and gets chosen by W+K, it will be turned into the final mini-documentary online and turned into idents for TV!

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3 thoughts on “Honda sponsors Channel 4 documentaries”

  1. Are you referring to UK Channel 4? It’s been a while since I tuned in to anything on that channel IMHO. The only thing I find myself watching is come dine with me from Channel 4.

  2. Honda is leading brand in UK and those are sponsoring documentaries for channel 4 its great news.

  3. Honda needs to spend less time sponsoring and more time sorting their cars out. Honda don’t be scared to c0me out with a new engine. They are really getting let behind.


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