Sony Ericsson to launch PlaysStation app store

As you have probably read already, Sony Ericsson will soon come out with a PlayStation mobile phone based on Android and with dedicated PlayStation buttons.

But in addition to the PlayStation phone, Sony Ericsson just announced a new app store which will be known as PlayStation Suite. To start with, you can download games for your Android-based phone and tablet. It will also be possible to download an emulator so you can play games developed for PSOne.

PlayStation Suite currently requires Android 2.3 but is said to be “hardware independent”, so we can probably expect PlayStation Suite to launch for phones running a different operating system than Android, sometime in the future.

Much more information should be available during Mobile World Congress in February where Sony Ericsson is expected to reveal their PlayStation phone.

4 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson to launch PlaysStation app store”

  1. A friend of mine just got back from the big CES (Consumer Electronics) Trade Show. He said they had a real world Playstation mini-store at the convention that was spectacular. They included some mobile demos and info about the app store, but the big advantage to consumers was that you could try out the different products and apps before buying. Here’s hoping they open a store in Sacramento. ;^D

  2. A big addition for Sony Ericsson mobile users. I hope they can really make this newest app a good one for their subscribers and users.

  3. I like Sony Ericsson more than any Nokia Mobile but Sony Ericsson have a lack that it doesn’t have any App Store like BlackBerry or Nokia. So I am glad to read about Sony Ericsson’s App Store. I hope it will be superb just like Sony Ericsson’s Mobile Handsets.


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