How “Lee” filters are made – and why they’re so expensive…

In this video, Lee managing director Eddie Ruffell shows how they make the finest photographic filters – by hand! All the way from the raw chemicals up to the finished filters. Lee filters are known for high quality and judging by all the manual labour involved in the process of making these filters, I’d say it’s no surprise they’re as expensive as they are.

15 thoughts on “How “Lee” filters are made – and why they’re so expensive…”

  1. hi Klaus, nice topic and I enjoy the whole video.Eddie Ruffell describe it very well that how they make finest photographics filters-by hand.It was really interesting.

  2. I got pointed to this from another blog but this clip is fascinating, i notice the lady when testing is using gloves to do the film test but the owner doesnt then they take it and laminate it surely the oils on his hand could make it useless?

    • Relax Rob, that one is going to the trash, or probably gets recycled. For very expensive filters like Lee’s, quality control has got to be strict as h-ell. πŸ™‚

  3. I had some Cokin filters earlier, and was thinking of getting some again, mostly ND and effect filters. And they’re perfectly fine in terms of ruggedness. πŸ™‚

  4. Its really amazing how this things are made. I never thought filters can still be hand-made. In this age where almost all high quality products are made by automatic machines, the skills of this people are remarkable.

  5. I enjoy playing with different filters and such thanks for pointing this one out. I will have to check it out, and save up.

  6. Sarah machine built things are made of quantity not quality if you want something may properly doing it by hand is the most beneficial way and I can’t see a day where the change.

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