Nikon’s “Nano Coating” – an interesting video…

When I first decided to buy my Nikon 24-120mm f4 lens, I had no idea what Nikon’s “Nano coating” was, but everybody seemed to love it and I figured it was better to have it, than not to have it.

After watching this video, I now know more about “nano coating” and what it does. It’s also interesting how they actually came around to using this type of nano coating… watch the video to learn more!

6 thoughts on “Nikon’s “Nano Coating” – an interesting video…”

  1. It’s absolutely amazing what they’re doing now with cameras and the technology to make every aspect as good as they can. This is pretty neat!


  2. I have always been a shutterbug ever since I purchased my first point and shoot. When I purchased my very first DSLR back in 2006, I was amazed to see the shots I can make with it. After seeing this video of nano-coating though, I think its finally time to upgrade.

  3. I am not big into my own photography, but I am into technology and technology advances, so this was pretty interesting to me. I also enjoy viewing others great pictures and getting to see some of the technology behind it is cool.

  4. What’s interesting to me is how much awesome high end gear comes out of Nikon. They are a small company. Just a tiny little blip compared to Canon.

  5. That’s an amazing technology – I wonder if Cannon uses something similar? It’s incredible how far cameras have come, and yet the basics are still all the same 🙂 It makes me wonder what things will be like in another ten or twenty years.


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