Photo of the week: Aerial shot of Malta, Gozo & Comino (with iPhone 4)

I thought I wanted to try something slightly different for this Photo of the week and show you a real snapshot for once, showing a little bit of where I live. What I mean by “snapshot” is a photo that was born for no real reason other than just to take a photo of whatever subject that might be, with no real thought about composing, settings, post processing etc. Basically, point & shoot!

This is a photo out of an airplane window (duh!), showing the island where I live, or some of it at least. To the left is Gozo, right in the middle is Comino and to the right is Malta, the main island. The island in the middle, Comino, is 1.35 sq mi (3.5 km2), so it’s quite small. The main island, Malta, is small too with its 121 sq mi (316 km2) and 400,000 people (and some 200,000 registered cars!!).

This photo was shot with my iPhone 4 – in airplane mode of course. I do keep my DSLR (Nikon D7000) in the carry-on bag, but it’s in the overhead stowage at this time and I’m not sure if the flight attendants would allow use of a big bulky camera on the plane at this stage.

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