Spy Gadgets for Men – Male’s Spy Gizmos

Guest article written by: Jay Dawber, is an ordinary guy who is a father of two and a good husband to his wife. But besides of being a good dad, he wants to prove his suspicions that his wife is cheating on him. He seen all the signs but can’t do anything to catch her in action. He tried everything but always ends up failing. And after some frustrations and dull moment, he discovered a very easy method to find out if his wife is cheating in the form of a spy phone software. And he wants to share it to every man, having this scenario in the present.

Men, most likely the bothered ones by some suspicions involving their partner’s loyalty, dedicate themselves in searching for other methods to get rid of their suspicions. The method they usually found is to spy on the back of their love ones. But they don’t know how to start. So, these are some of those spy gadgets that are handy and user friendly to help you in sneaking around your house and in your partner’s back.

PS/2 Key Logger

Several ideas are so simple yet these are superb and perfect for being a spy gadget for men. PS/2 Key Logger is one of those straightforward yet brilliant gizmos. This is essentially an external PS/2 dock which is attached between your keyboard and the computer. Some great benefits of this indicates that the computer/user will never realize it is there so happily go about their firm, unaware they may be being monitored.

It possesses a significant 2MB memory built in. You might be convinced that 2MB is rubbish in comparison to your new 16GB pen drive, but this 2MB memory switches to whopping 2 Million key strokes.

Walkie Talkie Watches

It doesn’t take a professional to sort out what Walkie Talkie Watches could possibly be. It’s two wrist watches that double up as walkie talkies. Given, the initial thing we thought was “a walkie talkie in a simple wristwatch”. That’ll end up being waste, because it will certainly have no array, consume batteries, possess no functions and be seriously tricky or delicate to use”. So obviously we had to have a better check.

From initial glance we were amazed by the size. They are oversized, in comparison to a Swatch watch, yet not as much as a person might think. The face of the “watch” only has dimensions of 7 x 6 x 2.5cm and when you consider that the aerial can be folded inside and out when necessary it is amazingly tiny. The next point we observed was the fact that these people come up with a good AC adapter and earpiece each. Therefore the AC adapter indicates no replacing batteries and no wind-up walkie talkies. And the AC adapter implies no batteries necessary. This is a nice spy gadget for men.

Covert PIR CCD CCTV Camera

Getting started a family I currently find myself exploring some ways I can protect my home and family. This is why I have begun to look into various ways I can “keep an eye on” my residence. As I surf the internet to have an external CCTV camera I also discovered this little spy gadget and could not withstand. Once we moved into our residence it had an old school inactive security alarm with the hard lines cut and all the cabling for my outdated security alarm detectors was still there, I only required hooking up an AV pick-up.

The Covert PIR CCD Camera looks excellent and also the image/audio quality it supplies isn’t 50 % as poor as other’s. Since it has a movement triggered sensor integrated you can established your recipient to record each time it’s “switched on” which means you won’t overlook a thing.  This is something to consider if looking for men’s spy gadgets.


The Rovio would be the best remote-controlled bot, showcasing some very useful technological innovation so it will be a gizmo you’ll acquire hours of enjoyment from. Primarily, you command the robot by using a normal internet browser, which is on your PC, your laptop computer, your mobile phone or your games console.

The Rovio also includes a VGA camera and a microphone, enabling you to utilize it for a little spying around the home or workspace. Plus the best bit, when the Rovio’s batteries start to run low, it will automatically go back to its charging station to recharge itself.

The Rovio robot attaches with a standard Wi-Fi router, allowing it to work without any wires in any way. When you first purchase the robot, you’ll have to configure it to speak to your wireless system by hooking up it to your PC or Mac via a USB cable. However, setting up the robot just requires a few minutes. Once you’ve set up the Rovio, you’re up and running using the quite easy software. The software works on all main web including Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. One of the best spy gadgets for men.

7 thoughts on “Spy Gadgets for Men – Male’s Spy Gizmos”

  1. I’ve never heard of the PS2 keylogger. I’ve definitely heard of software you can install on your computer, but this is something completely different. The fact that those exist make me think that no matter where I go, I can’t be certain that my keystrokes are not being logged. That would be seriously simple to temporarily install at any public location. So much for privacy =)

    • TJ, I don’t think you would have to worry about somebody trying to install a hardware keylogger on your laptop in Starbucks it would be easy to detect. I would be more worried about leaving the laptop alone and having them steal it.

  2. With that Rovio bot, this post should be called ‘Spy Gadgets for Naughty Men’. 🙂

    And having posted about a keylogger software, I propose that your next post should be about how to detect a keylogger in your phone or laptop. I’m so paranoid about these things because of a hacking ordeal I went through more than a year ago.

  3. You have to fit security for its purpose. The camera’s coming out these days are getting quite advanced and so tend to specialize for their application. IR cams are great for fairly short range but now you can get cams with built in DSP electronics to amplify very small amounts of light to give almost colour images in very dark scenes. samsung seem to cater for this sort of tech pretty well.

  4. Just mount the Covert PIR CCD CCTV Camera in the corner of the bedroom pointed at the bed and put the Rovio under the bed, and you are all SET!!

    • LOL! The Rovio is kinda “cute” though. I used to own one just for fun. But had no real use for it, so had to let it go once I got over it…

  5. Nice! I have a spy pen which is very handy too. But I’m interested in having this camera watch too! Thanks for the idea!


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