Photo of the week: Empire State Building

I snapped this photo of Empire State Building on my recent trip to New York. I was on one of the tourist cruises and on my way back from Liberty Island when I decided to rack out my new Sigma 18-250mm OS HSM lens to the full 250mm to fill the frame as much as possible with Empire State Building, while still having some of the surrounding buildings, to show how big Empire State Building really is.

Unfortunately the Chrysler building doesn’t show in this photo, but Chrysler building is 282m (roof) and 319.9m high (antenna spire) while Empire State Building’s roof is 381m and the top of the of the antenna spire is 443.2 m high, so that’s quite a difference between the two buildings.

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ISO 200, f/8, 1/500, 250mm

Shot using

4 thoughts on “Photo of the week: Empire State Building”

  1. The photo is very nice indeed. I use GIMP to add effects to some photo’s, and respect the highly industrial look the photo above comes with.

    • Oh, I hardly remember to be honest, even though it’s not that long ago. Probably something with color monotone?


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