What is SEO for Mobile and Why It’s important

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SEO stands of search engine optimization. There was a time when SEO techniques were seldom used in the world but with the excessive use of World Wide Web, it became important for websites to use proper SEO techniques so that they can keep themselves alive in the online world. Today, no website can survive without proper SEO planning. So, if you are running a website and you wish to make most out of it then you will have to use SEO techniques so that you can make your website appear in top rankings of SERPs.

Initially, the ear of computer started and you could access internet only on computers but time has changed a lot today. We have mobile devices that are capable enough to use internet and carry out complicated operations as well. So, if you want to facilitate mobile users so that they can also find your website easily then you will need to do mobile SEO of your website as well. SEO for mobile can be described as such SEO of a website with the help of which mobile users can search it on the internet and access it easily. In next portion we will be talking about the importance of SEO for mobile and give you an insight about why it is needed to be done.

Importance of SEO for mobile

There are two reasons due to which SEO for mobile is important and two different things have to be considered for these reasons. First of all, you want your websites to be visible to mobile users and it will happen only if you have done proper SEO for mobile devices. Secondly, you not only want mobile users to search your website but you also want them to view your website properly in their mobile devices and that is why you will need to do on-site SEO as well.

The screen resolution and size of mobile devices is usually smaller than the PC or a Laptop and that is why, you will have to design your website in such way so that it can be searched and viewed on computer and mobile both devices. Normally, the SEO techniques that we use are very good for computer users but the same techniques may not work for mobile users and that is why you will need to use SEO techniques for mobile. In these techniques, you will do such SEO for your website so that it can be searched using a mobile device and it can also be viewed properly.

If your website is not optimized to be viewed on a mobile device then you will never be able to get attention of mobile users that are gaining strength in numbers day by day. Most of the people like to visit websites and surf internet on their mobile devices because it is easy for them to browse internet while sitting free in their bed. So, if you want to stay tuned in online world then you will need to do proper SEO for mobile for your website.

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22 thoughts on “What is SEO for Mobile and Why It’s important”

  1. Is doing SEO for your mobile site the same as for your standard website apart from screen resolution and loading time ?
    Please let me know

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  3. Hi Crystal,
    Great information. You are absolutely correct — mobile users will very soon rule! Look at the rising success of Facebook — everyone I know does their FB postings and reading on their mobile. This is a great point on website design. Thanks.

  4. I`m agree with you. Its good to think in advance. This its first time I have thinking on this. You make me think on SEO and good design for mobile devices.

    My websites are so old and its hard too make to many changes now. I think I will do a new website for this.

    Thank for sharing this with us!

  5. I agree that nowadays people are fond of surfing the internet through their handsets. It’s good to optimize your site for mobile phones and for the desktop as well. In this case, you won’t miss an opportunity in your online business to get a bigger chance of getting a huge traffic to your site.

  6. So true, Smartphones users are increasing very fast and they generally acess internet via their smartphones so you need to build mobile optimized site so that you can attract these traffic as well and of course SEO is essential no doubt about it.

  7. Mobile traffic is increasing day by day due to increase in smartphone users. So it’s really essential to optimize your site for mobile users so it can be easily found on mobile search.

  8. With growing mobile audience, it became necessary to optimize website for mobile as well. In future there will be more purchase of device like IPhone and IPad so we have to be prepared for targeting audience form these devices as well. Nice tips thanks for sharing.

  9. Hmm nice informative post,
    SEO for mobile is quite different thing from SEO for computer users. Your post is very informative and it is right that websites which are made for mobile users must not have resolution or size problem so that you can get the attention of maximum mobile users.

  10. I’ve seen a lot about SEO for mobile devices lately. I’m new to internet marketing, and while I can see that mobile internet is the future, to use a hackneyed phrase, as a newbie it seems like too much to learn all at once. What are the keys points to know for basic mobile SEO? And am I missing out that much just yet – can I afford to learn standard computer based SEO first? Thank you for your help, it’s very much appreciated.

  11. I agree that you must optimize your site for mobile as well as a regular computer now days since mobile is getting a larger market share by the hour it seems. I recommend that you use WP Touch Pro as your mobile WordPress plugin to properly configure your WordPress site. It costs a one time fee of about $40 although it is worth it because they are one of the best mobile WordPress plugin in existence and you get lifetime plugin updates.

  12. Yes, because look for the simplest way in everything, having a mobile version of the website is important. So, the competition builds more and more.

  13. Wau,, never heard about SEO for mobile before..
    I using mobile phone to search the ranking of my site and it appear to rank the same position when i was using laptop for it.. However, thank for this post that made me realise i should design my website so that it can fit the size of a mobile phone.. great information overall.

  14. This post is very useful, now webmaster are concentrating on mobile site optimization. Most difficult situation is that if webmaster using same url for serving different content for both desktop and mobile then it will produce cloaking if webmaster doesn’t take care of it smartly.

  15. Yes, people are into the mobile world today and they look into mobiles for anything they search . So, mobile seo is crucial.

  16. I think the term “mobile” goes as well to any tablet, or any mobile device, along with cellphones, I found evidence that google is indeed tweaking results for any dvice by its ability to surf the website for the term he is seek.

  17. Day by day mobile audience is growing and marketers have to keep in mind the huge part of internet being used by this audience. In upcoming years, it will become necessary to optimize websites for mobile as well and special efforts will be require targeting mobile audience.

  18. Hi Crystal,
    I have been in the mobile casino games affiliate business for a few years now. And with the recent technological developments the mobile traffic is growing exponentially. However, the biggest challenge for the webmasters is websites optimization to get more exposure. Currently, better approach for both visibility and cost is to have your site in HTML5
    Regards. Tanya

    thanks for the detailed entry about the mobile search engine optimization.

  19. yes Great information. You are correct —
    mobile users will be the leaders in content soon Look at the rising success of Facebook — everyone does their FB postings and reading on their mobile.
    This is a great point on website design.

    thankyou .


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