Create your own Q&A site and attract SEO traffic

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What’s the number #1 way of getting SEO traffic to your site? It’s providing answers and solutions to the problems that people are searching for online.

Sounds easy enough, right? It just requires two very important steps:

  1. SEO optimized software to run on your website.
  2. A lot of content being generated, which will provide answers and solutions to the questions and problems of those who search for them on the search engines.

Answerbase is a possible solution to step #1 listed above and somewhat step #2 as well. With the Answerbase SaaS (Software as a Service) you can, for as little as $15 a month, run your own SEO optimized Q&A website, for example as a subdomain on your website, such as

Besides being SaaS, one of the cool features about Answerbase is how well optimized for SEO it actually is. For example, such a simple thing as using keywords in the URL is still not standard procedure for web applications as of 2011, though more and more understands the importance. Obviously there’s more to Search Engine Optimization than just keywords in the URL, but it’s not all easy – because if it was easy, everybody would do it, and everybody does not do it…

You, and mostly your users, will then create the content you need. Like, somebody has a question, they post it, somebody else answers and provides the solution. Then, a few days later, somebody might search Google for a similar question and up comes your Q&A website with that exact question and the answer needed. This can cause somewhat a snowball effect, especially when people begin linking to specific answers on your Q&A website.

Answerbase also provides the necessary scalability for you to really grow your Q&A website, when the snowball gets bigger and bigger…

A free trial is available for the Basic, Professional and Business plans, so go check it out!

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