10 best components for Joomla

Here I’m glad to offer you ten best components for Joomla you may find suitable for your purposes. As I have significant experience in working with Joomla, I suppose they will be really handy for you.

1. The very first component worth your attention is the well known VirtueMart. This component is one of the best solutions for Joomla for making the basic arrangements for the internet store. This component has been downloaded for about 2,5 million times for now, the program is intuitively comprehendible and has easily modified custom services. You can download the component from the official site.

2. The next component is suitable for the social network and is known as the Community Builder. With it you can easily organize your own private social network by your interests or business. There are over 120 plugins available for the selected component. That is what makes you able to create the structure of the network any way you might find suitable. There are really a lot of abilities in this component, thus feel free to use it you’re your private creations.

3. The next component is suitable addition for the popular virtual editor JCE. The default editor for Joomla is actually TinyMCE, yet there are not enough services in this particular one. That is why the best option is to use the offered JCE for your liking as there much more opportunities are available. The visual design for the components highly reminds of Microsoft Word 2000, so you won’t spend too much time learning how to deal with it. You can download the program from the official site.

4. The best component for creating photo gallery is actually Phoca Gallery. I highly appreciate is as it offers a lot of services and is quite handy in use.

5. The next component is known as Kunena. It’s mostly used for creating forums and you may believe it’s really handy in work. With it you might freely create the adequate and highly designed forum based in Joomla. All the visitors registered in Joomla get registered in your forum automatically, thus they won’t need to fill out the forms and to the other difficult tasks that tend to take some of the craved time. The password is the same. The named component is very flexible, so you can but the settings any way you like. The looks of the forum can be changes with its help as well. The only disadvantage is that there are not too many sketches for Kunena, so you might have to create the one yourself.

6. JComments is really important component for Joomla. I’d take some time to define this particular one, as it lets the visitors to leave the comments about the published materials. The owner gains the rights to configure the style of the comments and the other specifications, including the AJAX sketches and the custom looks. This component was created mainly by four men and obtains nice dividing of the comments. More over you may allow the comments only to the posts you need to be commented.

7. The following component is the created to help you to maintain the site map. It’s name is as following: the Xmap. The site map is what helps the search engines to look for your site, so if you add some new pages onto your resource, b sure they will be definitely found and used. the interface is considerably easy, so you might just use it for your liking.

8. SH404SEF offers the real variety of options, it’s so skillful you won’t probably tell what it’s the best in. All I can say is that it’s the perfect component for the large serious sites created with the help of Joomla. You can arrange all the SEF links with it as well as to protect site from the ordinary kinds of exploits like threat, direct attack or and flood attack. The spam robots will be easily kicked by it. You will also maintain the strict control over your web site and will see it it’s entered from the suspicious domain. The black list of the IPs is available. It allows deleting the META Generator tag and hiding the ID of the program files you use.

9. This component is meant to be used as a file manager for Joomla. Feel free to arrange the files and folders on server. The program can function as a single application or as the bonus to Joomla, so it’s all up to you how to use it. With it you can create or delete files, search, rename, delete and upload files. You can unpack the archives in the forms of zip, tar, tar/GZ, tar/BZ etc. You can also change CHMOD if needed. It’s pretty nice when working with eXtplorer as well.

10. If you care to make Joomla multilingual, download Joom!Fish and be sure your visitors will feel themselves more comfortable. This component allows you to make the site multilingual and offer the choice to the visitors. Unlike the famous GTranslate, this particular component enables you to transfer the content to the other languages and follow the way the data is offered.

So here is the end of the shortcut on the following topic. Hope the offered information appeared to be somewhat useful.

Guest article written by: Svetlana Tumanova is the worker in the web development company. Her first and primary goal is to deal with the modern social networking software so that the clients are able to reach the stated goal. The considerable experience is what makes her preciously confident in the mentioned field.

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  2. These are great components for Joomla Content Management System. However, i’m wondering what versions are these components compatible to. I look forward to your response. Thank you.

  3. Nice list, Joomla has been used by many organizations now a days and such useful extentions really going to make their more easy.

  4. I never tried Joomla before, as I read this article it shows good benefits of Joomla for first time blogger like me. I would like to try this myself. because the only thing I have tried is Word-press and blog spot, maybe this is worth a try.

  5. nice article thnx for ur great share .plesae tell me the name of plugin that ur using at u r left side the social media widgets

  6. I would like to try this myself. because the only thing I have tried is Word-press and blog spot, maybe this is worth a try.

  7. I haven’t been using Joomla very much. I have one program that makes disain for Joomla. May be I should try Joomla. Your post made me think about it.

  8. Joomla is a nice and easy use tool for website building and it’s database connectivity more easier than other open source.

  9. Search engine optimization and PPC management are one of my favorite tools for online marketing. Hence I haven’t got much success with PPC but still trying optimize it for better performance.

  10. very useful component for all who have used Joomla as CMS to their website. Joomla is being very popular now days and more developer preferring to work in Joomla for flexible interface and built in components.


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