Is the iPhone under threat from Samsung?

While most of us are always glad to see a new iPhone come along, there’s no doubt that recent news from the smartphone world has seen a fair degree of a attention focusing on the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung. This is the handset that comes running the so-called Ice Cream Sandwich, which is the Google operating system based around Android.

What’s the big deal?

There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding this handset because not only will the latest Android update feature a wealth of features and functionality aimed at competing with the Apple iOS, the phone itself will also boast a formidable technical specification.

Samsung has clearly spent quite some time on developing this smartphone and inside the delicious styling youíll find a 1.2GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and a huge 4.65-inch screen that features a 1280x720p resolution from the Super AMOLED display. So, as soon as you power it up and start enjoying the features of the Android 4.0 interface itís clear to see that Samsung mean business.

Feature perfect?

However, take a closer look and it comes as a bit of a surprise to see something like the camera, which is becoming such a competitive area of the smartphone tech-spec, is only a 5-megapixel offering. The new Apple iPhone 4S now sports an 8-megapixel camera, but when you use it the Samsung counterpart is actually surprisingly quick, delivers great shots and there’s also the capability for shooting 1080p video recording.

Secret ingredients

But it might just be that operating system upgrade that will pull in a lot of new customers, because Android already has many happy users and is fast becoming one of the number one phone OS currently in circulation. There are certainly plenty of great new features on this in this version of the software. FaceUnlock is the one everybody is talking about, which uses the front-facing camera to allow the owner to unlock their own phone by face recognition.

What’s more, this is one of the best operating systems for ensuring that you can quickly and easily amalgamate all of your social networking contacts and connections, which is becoming a core area of the way we use our smartphones.While many rival handsets do much the same thing, itís the way that Android manages to do this in such a seamless and stress-free fashion that makes it such an enjoyable experience for the handset owner.

Staying power

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is up against stiff competition though, and not just from the latest version of the Apple phone either. HTC is one of the other most prolific manufacturerís of smartphones and their upcoming crop of releases is no exception.

And, where this company excels is in producing a user interface that works beautifully, as the existing Sense UI proves. With revisions of that in the pipeline and the HTC knack for adding new features and functionality on successive models, then the battle for smartphone supremacy could really hot up in the coming months.

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19 thoughts on “Is the iPhone under threat from Samsung?”

  1. I’m more interested in Android 4.0 rather than iOS 5. Face recognition to unlock the phone is a cool feature and not to mention Iris. Iris works like Siri but its not yet fully develop. I bet there would be a boost in Samsung’s revenue when they finish it.

  2. Some amazing smartphones are coming every next month and it’s really getting tough to choose one, some people don’t buy smartphones as they think if they buy now next smartphone would be more enhanced and they’ll miss some awesome features. 😉 Smartphones market is really hot and every company wants to dominate it.

  3. All I can say this is one of the electronic gadget to use worth it .As I have read this article the features is very outstanding,aside from that many people or user would like to have this as a necessity.

  4. I just don’t know anymore, i see all these different reviews about phones and How Suri is this or that now Samsung is outmaneuvering the IPhone. I like my phone hopefully I won’t need to upgrade anytime soon.

  5. Hi there,
    Very informative post. I think the iPhone does have some competition from Nexus. I hear the camera in the Nexus is fantastic. As well as it’s HD function and compatibility with other gadgets. Apple won’t be running anytime soon, but it will most likely become a ‘who can come up with the coolest function’ war. Which, we will definitely benefit from!! Thanks for the information.

  6. Potentially, alot of people seem to moving across to the Galaxy S II when its time to upgrade. Does anyone think Microsoft have a shout of beating Apple?

  7. Samsung has put on the market various “killing” devices from Galaxy S to Galaxy Tab.
    Regarding the photo camera, it’s not just a megapixel wars,but it’s the quality of lens and other things that matters

  8. Thanks for the info… I decided not to buy a iphone 4s after I found out is was not a iphone5. I have decided on a Samsung. Can anyone tell me the main differences between the galaxy and nexus?

  9. they have just took the crown of best smartphone provider so I think they are a legitimate threat however I think Apple’s dominance will always continue. While sometimes they lack features the quality of the build, look and feel is second to none. I think some of the recent samsung’s have looked a little cheap and ‘plasticy’.

  10. The android OS is ok and works fine but I am at my 3rd handset and the touchscreen does not even get close to the iphone. LG’s Galaxy seems ok but for the tablets, I am extremely happy with ipad. I do not use it that often though.

  11. Although I don’t believe that Samsung will surpass Apple yet since they are lacking in some other areas like the battery life and the keyboard, they might catch up soon. BUT, I do agree that the camera and navigation system are better than the iOS. And after finding out about FaceUnlock, I believe that they are coming up quick.

    But for now, I will stick to my reliable and easy to use iPhone.

  12. Not from Samsung, but from Android as an operating system. Also; Apple’s iPhone is a niche product with the fact it is the only smartphone available running iOS. There will always be a market for this, and there will always be a market for Android. Essentially, they can both co-exist happily whilst maintaining competition through third parties (i.e. Samsung).

  13. Hi,
    Informative post, I think Samsung’s Galaxy S phone looks like a winner, and it is in the league of such competition as the popular Apple iPhone 4G. Samsung advertises the new Galaxy as the most powerful multimedia smartphone ever. Internal memory includes 16GB or 32GB on the iPhone, and a smaller 8GB or 16GB on the Galaxy, but only the Galaxy can be expanded another 32GB through a microSD card slot.

  14. Looks like the hype from websites the world over about Samsung beating Apple and a few other minor players is likely to bring good business to these companies. I think it is many a man’s dream to see the iPhone or iPad lose its top spot. So much has been spoken of and for so long about Company A or Company B overtaking Apple, and that simply hasn’t materialized AT ALL. At the end of the day Apple has made its millions and the rest of them have made their money too trying to beat Apple’s products. Question is “Did you get your money’s worth?


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