5 Amusing Android Apps

The term Android these days has become widely synonymous to the operating system owned and developed by Google for use on smartphones and tablets.  Most manufacturers of smartphones and tablets opt for Android over other operating system because the Android code has been released as an open source.  While the first few releases of the … Read more →

What more will Sony Xperia Concept Phone bring to Market? The Insidelooks!

Sony has been the Idealist Company as well as perfectionist. The concept of phones development right from building high quality hardware to fast performing processors, every part of it miniaturized. All concept phones are always remaining as concept and hardly push the market, but it provides an opportunity for the company to show case it … Read more →

Is the iPhone under threat from Samsung?

While most of us are always glad to see a new iPhone come along, there’s no doubt that recent news from the smartphone world has seen a fair degree of a attention focusing on the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung. This is the handset that comes running the so-called Ice Cream Sandwich, which is the Google operating system based around … Read more →