5 Amusing Android Apps

The term Android these days has become widely synonymous to the operating system owned and developed by Google for use on smartphones and tablets.  Most manufacturers of smartphones and tablets opt for Android over other operating system because the Android code has been released as an open source.  While the first few releases of the Android OSwere somewhat inferior to the famous iOS, the platform still had the capacity and stability to compete and become better.  Recently, with the release of the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Ice Cream Sandwich[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Ice Cream Sandwich[/tp] and Jelly Bean updates, it did just that as Android has become on par, if not better, with its rival the iOS.

In order for smartphones and tablets to become smart or functional, they need these things called applications or Apps.  These apps are basically programs written by developers for the Android platform and they can range from the useful to the not so useful.  Among these “not so useful” apps are the ones that actually turn out to be so amusing that they will truly entertain you and make you smile – a solid cure for those dull, boring moments.  The list below shows 5 of the most amusing Android apps that you shouldn’t be without:

Five Amusing Android Apps

1. [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Talking Tom Cat[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Talking Tom Cat[/tp] – Tom is basically your virtual pet cat that repeats everything you say in a slightly funny manner.  You can also interact with Tom via the touchscreen where you can rub him on the belly to make him purr, or poke him on the toes, belly, tail, and face to make him do different stuff.  This app allows you to record up to 30 seconds of activity which you can save on an SD card or share on YouTube and Facebook.  This app is particularly fun with friends or for children and can bring hours of laughter.

2. Mouthoff – this is a voice-reactive graphically-generated mouth that moves in sync with your voice.  There are assortments of animated mouths to choose from which you can use to replace your mouth as you hold your handset in front of your mouth.  You can also place the phone on static images of people and pets and watch them speak as you dictate their speech.  This app can seriously bring hours of laughter with friends and family.

3. Fatbooth – if you’ve ever wondered how you look after gaining a few extra pounds, then look no further as this app will visually show you a relatively big you.  This app works on photos that you take or have taken, crops on the face, and transforms the image into a fat face using intelligent algorithms.  Try it out and make funny-looking fat images of friends and family and enjoy countless hours of laughter and teasing.

4. The Moron Test – this is basically a list of easy but trick questions.  All questions will seem easy at first, but will become trickier in the end to make you fail, thus preventing you from graduating to Genius.  This is certainly a must-have app on your Android because you can enjoy watching your friends and family struggle on seemingly simple puzzles.

5. Funny Jokes – this app offers a multitude of joke in a series of categories to choose from.  While some may not be as funny as others, the point of the matter is that they get you to smile, even for just a bit.  A number of jokes included are strictly for adults, but all have been constructed simply for fun and amusement.  Share these jokes with your friends and enjoy some good laughs here and there.


6 thoughts on “5 Amusing Android Apps”

  1. Oh the TomCat app just had to be included here. Probably the best app on any device if you can get one. Always great for having a laugh, especially if you’re having a drink with a couple of friends 🙂

  2. My son has an android phone and he loves it. I told him about that moron test app and he was cracking up asking me stuff. He doesn’t take it to school, but I know his friends will like it. Thanks for the post.

  3. Some months ago i installed all the programs needed to learn and develop android apps. I had in mind to create a simple and fun ‘meme’ app. However, procrastination and juggling too many projects has hindered that. I think i should dedicate some time to get back on that track as the android platform keeps growing exponentially.


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