Top 7 Reasons Which Makes Pocket TV into Better Android devices

Almost every other day, an innovative new product featuring the latest technology is launched. Currently, the most recent technology that has taken everybody by storm and is increasingly gaining popularity are Smart TVs. A Smart TV is something that combines the two concepts of the internet and the television.

This means that you can watch television and use the internet side by side. On one hand, you can watch the programs on your DISH Network while at the same time you can use the internet to access your social networking pages, surf the web, send emails, watch videos on different websites, and a lot more.

With this you can continue to use your [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]DISH Network[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]DISH Network[/tp] on your televisions, but have the added benefit of using the internet alongside as well. These are some of the reasons why pocket TV can be beneficial. Other reasons are mentioned below:

1. Upgrades Your TV to A Smart TV

However, with the launch of the recent Android-powered Pocket TV boxes, a smart TV can be accessed by any household without actually having to pay for it. The android technology in these pocket TV boxes effectively and efficiently combines the particular features of an Android system with a television and turns it into a Smart TV.

2. Feasible for Any Household

The only downside of a Smart TV is that they are expensive as compared to the traditional TVs and therefore many people may not be able to afford one. However, with the inception of android-powered pocket TV boxes, anyone can benefit from the typical features of a Smart TV, as it is not expensive and can be afforded by many.

3. Easy Set-Up

The pocket TV boxes are particularly easier to set up. They are available with a comprehensive instructions manual that you can use when setting up the TV Box. One basic thing that is required is to attach the pocket TV Box to the television set with the help of a cable. Then the remote, which comes with the android-powered pocket TV boxes, can be used to adjust the settings of the box so that a picture is displayed on the screen of the television.

4. Saves Money

The android pocket TV box is not free of cost. However, the price charged is comparatively much less than the price of a Smart TV.  If you do have a standard television set, you obviously do not need to buy a Smart TV. Instead, you can buy this TV box to upgrade your TV and benefit from all the features that are typically associated with a Smart TV. Furthermore, you can use the internet to find a supplier who provides the best quality pocket TV boxes in affordable prices.

5. Variety of Features

An android powered pocket TV box brings with it a wide variety of features. These include; the ability to access and use the different social networking websites, having video conversations through Skype or any other tool, sending emails, downloading videos, sharing photographs, listening to music, surfing the web, reading the EBooks, checking the weather forecast, chatting with friends through MSN or any other messenger, shopping online, editing files, and a lot more. These are only some of the benefits that you can avail having a pocket TV box in place.

6. No Need of Purchasing a New Keyboard or Mouse

No additional features or equipment are required for the use of an android powered pocket TVBox. You do not need to purchase any new keyboard or mouse to be able to use the TV box. All the necessary equipment required for the operation of a pocket TV box are available in the package, which includes the remote control that is used to power anything. Along with the remote control, the pocket TV box also comes with a Qwerty Chiclets keyboard which is needed for the operation of the TV Box.

7. Multi-Tasking

As mentioned earlier, an android pocket TV box enables you to multi-task. This means that you can watch television and use the internet, side by side.

In short, keeping in mind the benefits it has, it is not difficult to understand why more and more people are opting for pocket TV boxes instead of a Smart TV.

Guest article written by: Donna B. She is associated with many social media, finance and technology communities and is a freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to dongle, internet technology, mobile applications etc.

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  1. Great post.

    I was about to upgrade my TV to a smart TV because I wanted to be able to browse the internet without having to plug a laptop to it. I didn’t know that the android box had so many features. I’ll look into it. The TV I was looking to change is a plasma 50″ so it’s still very good but was lacking the smart TVs features.

    I’ll buy an android box today 🙂



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