Wireless Communication Advancements in Afghanistan

The world is a big place, and that’s why communication is the key in order to stay in contact with billions of people. Wireless communication has allowed people to keep touch even when there’s no physical connection between the communication devices. Businesses also make use of wireless communication in order to remain in contact with their different branches, other businesses and their customers.

Advancements in wireless communication have enabled businesses to become better. Recent advancements in wireless communication include things like MIMO Antenna design, gallium nitride-based power amplifiers, faster internet connections and a lot more.

Businesses can make use of these advancements in order to grow, reach out to customers and experience an increase in their profits. These advancements have led to faster internet connections and newer payment methods. Afghan Wireless has used these advancements in order to provide better resources to their clients. This is a cellular network provider, was launched way back on the  13th of November 2002 in Afghanistan. Ehsan Bayat is the founder of a company that is regarded as a major success because of the violent and rough environment of the country. Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) is a joint venture between the United States ‘Telephone Systems International’ and the Afghan Ministry of Communications.

Because of the advancements, Afghan Wireless has been able to provide GSM services to people in Kabul, Herat, Kandahar and Mazar-i-Sharif, the four major cities of Afghanistan. The product of this company is Mobile telecommunication, and it has provided people with easy means to stay in contact with their family and friends.

The wireless network company has also created the very first Internet café in the country. This has been considered as another step towards the liberation and empowerment of the people. Through advancements, the company has also provided people with the ability of wireless online recharge. This allows people to top up a mobile phone of a friend or family member in Afghanistan from anywhere in the world.

Businesses interested in knowing how wireless communication advancements can help them should know more about the wireless communication advancements in Afghanistan. Wireless communication advancements have also enabled mobile payments. This has helped businesses like bars, etc. where people don’t walk around with a lot of money but are still able to make payments through their mobiles.

Through recent wireless communication advancements, Afghan Wireless has been able to improve as a company and other businesses in their field can study their business model to gain new ideas.


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