Why Will Internet TV escape legacy media rules?

The traditional use of the internet has vastly evolved and now, due to much increased speed, many things are made possible through use of the internet. Lately, internet is vastly being used for television series viewing purpose.

You can download or stream video content online, whatever mode suits your interests. While the latest DirecTV offers are available at [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]www.sattvdirect.net[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]www.sattvdirect.net[/tp], you can watch your favorite shows online using Apple TV or Netflix. Other than this, there are several free internet television broadcasters that have led to cord cutting movement and reduced cable and satellite costs marginally.

Internet television supplies content from variety of sources all around the world. You will find shows that were never broadcasted on television for several different reasons. Today, mostly internet television service is being provided in the form of streaming service. The fast internet services make it possible for videos to be streamed without any interruptions.

Different rates of video quality are made available by internet providers and the video is streamed according to features chosen by the user. Some of the most famous sites for internet television are Hulu, BBC, Google TV, Sky Player, and Netflix. Netflix can be used to watch several older episodes as it specializes in storing older episodes.

While most internet television broadcasting sites are usable by directly visiting them, few require downloading applications that support their services, on your computers. These applications help in better content management and provide you an opportunity to download videos on your PC to view them later.

Internet television has provided people with an extremely new viewing experience. With no advertisements, the viewing is nonstop and interest maintained throughout the episodes. The latest DirecTV offers are available at [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]www.sattvdirect.net[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]www.sattvdirect.net[/tp], but you can enjoy your favorite series on internet televisions without any commercial breaks.

This movement of online internet television has led to many contradictions by traditional media service providers such as cable and satellite providers. Their argument is that the internet television should also adhere to the legacy media rules.

It has been observed that every time a new concept emerges it is bombarded with lots of contradictions. In the early 1990s, it was becoming apparent that cable broadcasters were about to become a monopoly. The 1992 cable act was formed to solve this problem and it gave various telephone companies the opportunity to provide satellite services.

Same goes for the internet television broadcasting. People say that there are several dangers and threats of internet television broadcasting which must be dealt by strict rules and regulations. Due to this powerful distribution channel, the internet television, changes in media regulations can be expected.

The question is whether the internet television broadcasters should adhere to the same rules and regulations that are followed by cable and satellite distributors? The answer to this question is not that simple. It has been in the nature of the use of the internet that it disturbs the traditional business patterns.

If the importance of internet television service distributors keeps on increasing, the rule making bodies will have to face a lot of pressure from parties related to this issue and will have to take some action. Right now, the internet TV is not in a danger of adhering to legacy media rules and it may escape them.

Now satellite service providers are on the verge of being topped out. It is losing its customers on a daily basis. People are either switching completely to internet providers or are switching to cable service providers as they also are their internet service providers. It is fair to give this internet television movement a chance and not wipe the chances of its evolution away. Wiping away these service providers will only be good for monopolists and no one else.

Several people believe that traditional media rules should be changed and new reforms should be brought forward. These markets should be made free of such rules. It is believed that if the law making body started with a clean slate and did not revert to precedents, then this matter can be handled much more effectively and efficiently.

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  1. I think the internet has taken over TV at some point. Personally, I watch everything I want online. I have my 40 inches TV and do not even use. Better with my laptop in my belly watching series, movies, videos etc.

    I heard somewhere that internet would be paid as cable, I mean you would be paying for using google, and they would limit the quantity of pages to watch. Of course, that was ridiculous and never happened.


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