Will iPad Mini grab Android 7-inch tablet’s cake?

According to some reliable sources, Apple will launch the long-awaited iPad Mini on 17 October and begin to sell it on 2nd November. No doubt that iPad occupies the 10-inch tablet market without a rival, but the battle is pretty fierce in the 7-inch tablet market. Last December, Amazon launched Kindle Fire and it sold out 4 million in 4 weeks. This year, Google took out its trump card, the Nexus 7. Not to mention the Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD.

From this chart, we can get some interesting facts.

This research is processed by Pew Research Center. It will be wrong if you simply think that Apple is losing market share as per this chart’s data since the given chart indicates the percent of tablet users who own the tablets rather than the market share percent.

Get more information from the following table.

The data was collected by BGR. We can see that Apple peaked at 69.6% in Q2 this year, which returned to its all-time high spot since the Q1 2011.

With these two researches, we are able to come to such a conclusion: With the bloom of tablet market, iPad is still taking the biggest cake (or even bigger). In the meantime, more and more people are not simply content with “an iPad”, they tend to choose a smaller 7-inch android tablet as their second toy.

Apple certainly won’t watch Android monopolizing the 7-inch tablet market but do nothing, which accounts for the final reason why they decide to release the iPad Mini.

From this “leak image” we can see how the iPad Mini will look like. There are so many articles which have done a deep research for it, therefore there is no need for me to do the job again. Just search “iPad Mini” in search engines and you will get tons of results.

Here I am talking about whether iPad Mini will grab Android’s cake in 7-inch tablet area, so let’s focus on it.

We all know that the most important factor which influences people’s decision is the price. The price of iPad Mini will probably decide its distribution, but for all the times, Apple insists an upscale strategy for its product line:

The new iPad: $499

iPod Touch 5: $299

The biggest obstacle for iPad Mini’s price is the iPod Touch 5. if iPad Mini sells at $399, it will be $200 more expensive than Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 7 and Nook HD, which means you can get two Kindle Fire HDs at the same price for only one iPad Mini. But if iPad Mini sells at $349, it will undoubtedly affect iPod Touch 5’s sales. Consequently, most people will go to the iPad Mini with just $50 more budget. And don’t ignore the iPad 2, whihc only costs $399 now and is still able to meet most of your demands of a tablet.

Now the ball has been passed to Apple. How will it make us be willing to spend more than $300 to buy a 7-inch tablet? Let’s see what will happen this month.

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11 thoughts on “Will iPad Mini grab Android 7-inch tablet’s cake?”

  1. I can see why they are going after the market of android tablets. IT makes sence for them to make a smaller one anyway.

  2. The irony that the tablets are getting smaller and the phones are getting bigger.. I wonder how much this would all change if the ipod touch 5’s screen was the size of the galaxy note..

  3. Kris – I agree, phones and tablets are starting to converge! I personally prefer larger tablet screens but I can still see the iPad mini being a good move to grab market share as it seems that there are a lot of people different to me who like smaller tablets.

  4. It seems to be a nice toy but I guess it is a little bit overpriced, I couldn’t picture myself that it went to a best selling product in the Apple palette…

  5. I think that the iPad Mini will easily grasp the 7-8 icnh tablet market just like it did with the standard tablet market for the past couple of years. The nexus is a great tablet but the iPad Mini is going to be integrated with the Apple ecosystem in such a way that people will buy it.

  6. I don’t think it will. Fair enough, the iPad has models of two sizes now (or will have, if you’d rather) but Android has way more to offer. I mean it has tablets with mobile phones embedded in them, such as the Asus PadPhone, or really small tablets, or really big ones. Apple really has a lot to compete when it comes to the variety of Android devices.

    Don’t get me wrong, the iPad mini will be a hit, since the Apple fanboys will buy anything Apple throws at them, but at the end of the day, it’s not like Apple can simply conquer what Android has to offer with releasing one single smaller device.

  7. I will be first inline if the ipad mini sells for $349. I have a kindle and while it’s good for reading a book, it’s no good for anything else. The $349 price point makes the ipad mini more attractive to those who can afford to pay more but perhaps won’t cough up the $499 for the regular ipad.

  8. I don’t feel iPad mini makes sense.
    It’s just two inch bigger Galaxy Note to me with iOS.
    Moreover it’s resolution is worse than competitors likes Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.


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