Angry Bird Mobile – Angry Birds Break Their Way into Mobile

Angry Birds which is an award winning game is now one of the most popular games played by Smartphone users.  The game has grown from its initial launch in December, 2009 which made it only available to Apple iPhone users. Nowadays, the game has moved on to accommodate other mobile users which has in turn led to an increase in its popularity.

Angry Birds Compatible Devices

Below are the different devices that can access Angry Birds:

Android: Android users had eagerly awaited Angry Birds if the 3 million plus downloads in the first week of its launch is anything to go by. The interface and speed is not as good as that of Apple’s iPhone, however, this has not stopped their love for the game.

Nokia: Nokia Symbian users also get to have fun in their spare time with this exciting game.

iPhone: Since this is the original Angry Birds home, iPhone users get the best gaming experience. The game is available to not only iPhones but iPod touch and iPads as well.

Since the game is in high demand, some hackers have claimed to make the game accessible to tablets such as nooks. Other tablet users can only hope that Angry Birds Finish developer, Rovio Entertainment will give them the chance to also enjoy the game.

If you do not have an Angry Birds compatible mobile phone no need to worry. Game consoles such as the PS3, Nintendo 3DS and the XBOX 360 have recently been accommodated on board the Angry Birds compatible devices. However, if you are a PS Vita and Wii U user, you will have to wait a bit longer before you can get access.

Upcoming Angry Birds Release

November 8th is set to be the release date for the latest addition to the game which is Angry Birds Star Wars. The game will be accessed on the usual platforms. The birds are stated to impersonate characters from the popular Star Wars with different abilities as well. Angry Birds gamers can expect to have a more fun and an addictive gaming experience with the new release.

Why is Angry Birds so Addictive?

As an Angry Bird enthusiast, you can concur that this is not an easy game to let go of and these are some of the reasons why:

  • It’s Simple: The game does not require you to over think or come up with complex strategies. All you need to do is simply take charge of the slingshot and aim for the pigs.
  • Progression: No one wants to play a game that is difficult to progress. The fact that you can move on from one level to another so easily is a morale booster.
  • Fulfillment: You get an exciting fulfillment whenever you get to destroy the walls. Seeing the destruction you have caused brings about a feeling of achievement which is very fulfilling.

With so much to enjoy from the game, it’s no wonder that the game is highly popular. [tp lang=”en” only=”y”][/tp][tp not_in=”en”][/tp]is the place to get more information about the game and its upcoming releases.

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  1. Angry bird is an international sensation. It was the second app i ever heard about long before i started using a smartphone.


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