British Gas Smart Meters – Revolutionizing the Way We Consume Energy

British Gas, known as UK’s largest supplier of energy, is starting to roll out a new Smart Meter that is guaranteed to forever change and revolutionize the way we consume energy, with the main goal to not only produce cleaner and greener electricity, but also to help customers save a fairly significant amount of money!

What Exactly is a Smart Meter and How Does It Work?

A smart meter is a device that is more advanced than an electricity monitor as it can accurately read and measure your actual, total gas and electricity consumption each day.  With a smart meter, you can clearly see how much you are spending, say, for instance, when you leave your heater or air conditioner on at night.  You can control your energy usage via a user-friendly energy monitor, online or through their smart phone app.  Obviously, if you can really see how much energy you’re using, then you will make it a point to make some small changes that will enable you to use less energy and therefore save money on your bills.

The readings from the smart meter are then sent automatically to British Gas per day via wireless technology (similar to a mobile phone).  You will receive an accurate energy bill statement without ever having to submit meter readings anymore.  Furthermore, smart meters are linked directly to your bill, which means that you only pay for what you use.

When it comes to energy consumption, a British Gas Smart Meter can produce a more accurate reading that is very convenient for customers.  Smart meters allow consumers to have more control over the amount they use, and if there is lesser energy consumption, then there is an assurance of a more environmentally-secure future.

Benefits of Using a Smart Meter

1.  If there is awareness in what you’re using, then you can think of ways how to save. With the in-home display, you can constantly keep an eye on your energy usage in kwH, CO2, pounds and pence, and you can even access historical usage to see how your consumption is changing over time.  Also, you can see what you are spending on different appliances.  When you know how much energy each appliance or gadget is using, you will be able to think of simple ways how you can save significantly on your energy bills.

2.  You will have total control of your energy costs. Since you will have a more accurate idea of how much your next bill statement will be, then you will no longer have to guesstimate and it will make budgeting easier as well.

3.  Receive accurate bill statements, with your meter no longer having to undergo meter readings. Each day, the smart meter installed in your home sends to British Gas a regular and accurate information regarding your energy consumption.  Not only will you have accurate bills sent to you, but also you will no longer be disturbed by the meter reader and be subjected to meter readings.

Rumors citing Concerns about the Use of Smart Meters

There have been rumors citing a list of concerns about the use of smart meters, including potential danger from radiation, a risk to privacy from the wireless signals, and a concern that the meter might cause electricity bills to increase.  Anti-smart meter advocates have set up websites, organized petitions and convinced lots of municipalities to either stop or delay the smart meters.  Many people have expressed their doubts and concerns based on the rumors they have been hearing from others, and what the government is trying to do is to provide them with the facts so that they can make an informed and valued decision.
In the case of radiation exposure, smart meters only broadcast several times per day, and living near a smart meter for 20 years would expose a person to the same amount of radiation as that of a 30-minute cellular phone call.
To make people feel at ease with the smart meters, an official from the United Nations Organization has publicly announced that smart meters are actually not a major concern, and the concerns being addressed against the use of smart meters are merely rumors.

Customer Feedback

British Gas has interviewed 15,000 customers about what they think of the Smart Meter.  Below are some of the things they frequently say:

  • They realize that they are looking at the in-home display more often than they ought to, because they find it very useful in showing where exactly to save on energy.
  • They like how very easy it is to use the in-home display, which allows them to understand and control the amount of energy they use.
  • Overall, they claim that the Smart Meter is truly making their lives easier by totally getting rid of the hassle of meter reading and estimated bills.

Smart Meters In the Future

As of now, British Gas has already installed smart meters in 160,000 homes in the UK.  The government of UK plans that by the year 2019, each and every home must have smart meters installed. The smart meter’s accuracy allows consumers to calculate energy use all throughout the day, across the country.  Simply put, this plan aims to reduce energy usage in the whole UK territory.

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