Learning to program – should you cheat?

Short answer is: Maybe.

Cheating is usually not the best approach to most things, but sometimes you just gotta do it, I’m sure we all had someone else write that school paper back in the good ol’ days just because we just “couldn’t” do it ourselves, am I right?

When it comes to programming, you do need to learn it yourself, otherwise how are you going to be able to work with it later on? If the teacher gives you c# homework and you need help with c#, luckily there are websites out there that will be able to give you a push in the right direction or even do the entire assignment for you, one of those sites is CS Adepts.

When you require c# homework help, you can either just suck it up and learn it yourself, listen more carefully in school or study harder, or you can get help from follow students, or finally, you can semi-cheat by paying off someone else to do your assignments. Sometimes getting the results served to you on a silver plate, can help you see the entire thing with new eyes. Like, if you had no idea how to fix a certain problem, getting someone else to fix it and then send it to you afterwards, may open up for an “aha” moment, so next time you’re in a similar situation you’ll be able to look back at the time you cheated and use what you learned from their application, and apply it to your own new problem.

Anyway, programming is fun and entertaining, regardless of what programming language you decide to learn – I can only recommend getting started if you’re just remotely interested in creating applications yourself.