“Usenet” – What it is, Benefits & Free trial!

The Usenet was developed at the University of North Carolina in the year 1979 by students Tom Truscott, Jim Ellis and Steve Bellovin.

It is a global network of commercial grade servers wherein members can post and download messages as well as files to more than 100,000 themed discussion groups called “newsgroups”. The so called “binary newsgroups” are special newsgroups which provide the possibility to add files to the messages. Usenet has no central server or administrator. It is powered by commercial news servers that are connected through multi-gigabit Internet connections. This enables users to download as quickly as their Internet connection would allow. You just log on to the usenet servers, download or post whatever you want, and then log off. In simpler terms, the usenet of today is very much like the Internet; however, you do not need a browser in order to browse around on websites with. All content stored in the usenet servers are converted into text. This means that the content of the binaries, needs to be patched together to create the regular file that we are used to.

Benefits of Usenet

Why should I enter the Usenet?

  1. Fast – Usenet is always available as there is no server downtime. It is connected to 8 server farms globally, which means there are no incomplete downloads. You get to enjoy unlimited download speeds with up to multiple simultaneous connections.
  2. Safe – Usenet has 256-bit-SSL-encryption of downloads. There is no protocol IP, no censorship, privacy is protected and there are no viruses as well as no advertisements.
  3. Extensive – Usenet has more than 2,500 terabytes of data available. More than 5 terabytes of data are added each day. You have access to more than 60,000 newsgroups. Binary retention of 1014 days.
  4. Easy – Especially with usenet.nl, you can search through 500 million files and download with just 1 click, thanks to their free newsreader software that revolutionizes downloading from the usenet.

Access Usenet with Usenet.nl

Usenet.nl is the only usenet provider that combines up to 8 server farms (in US and Europe) in just a single access. This results to more binaries, improved download speed and utmost stability. Their free newsreader software makes downloading easier than ever and it is also compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. You just search through 500 million of their binaries and click on what you want to download.

Usenet.nl Customer Support

Usenet.nl has online support documentation for answers to commonly asked questions regarding the registration process, contract and software installation. Just go to their customer care page and there you will find instructions on how to proceed after you have signed up with their Usenet service. If you have any questions or you require some assistance, you can contact their friendly customer service support and they will be happy to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Usenet.nl Free Trial Offer

Usenet.nl is currently offering 14 days of free access to usenet with a download volume of over 300 GB. Their free trial package includes:

  • 5 GB high-speed download volume
  • Free newsreader software – integrated search, preview feature and 1-click download
  • Unlimited download with up to 2,000 kbits/s (more than 300 GB in 2 weeks)
  • Connection to 8 server farms with up to 16 synchronized connections (no incomplete downloads)

Why don’t you give it a try? Try the usenet download offered by usenet.nl and see for yourself the wonders of usenet!

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