Two Scenarios in Which You Know You Need to Insure Your Mobile Phone

So you’ve just purchased a brand new smart phone. It does nearly everything, save from, perhaps, polishing your shoes or brewing you coffee in the morning. You are awfully proud of it and keep downloading all the latest apps for it. You show it off at the office, and basically anyone and everyone who knows you, also knows about this latest addition to your collection of love items. However, at the back of your mind, the lingering anxiety of having something happen to your prized possession remains and will sometimes even keep you up at night. What can you do? What can anyone do to alleviate this unnecessary and highly stressful addition to oneís modern lifestyle?

The answer is as simple in the case of smart phones as it is for anything else you own. You most definitely need to take out a good mobile insurance policy. There are three particular situations in which you definitely need to implement this measure. Read on, for a brief outline of those situations and pointers on what your insurance will cover.

Family Member Using Your Phone

Say your parent, sibling or spouse needs to travel for business and they absolutely require permanent Internet access. Their old model phone does not support this feature, yet your brand new, beloved smart phone does. Out of the spirit of kinship and generosity you decide to lend them your phone, yet are uneasy with the decision, once it’s all be said and done. Obviously, you can’t take your promise back or be too pushy about the proper way in which they should handle the device. The good part is you needn’t be obnoxious at all. You actually don’t have to mention anything to your family member. Simply take out mobile insurance in your name. A good quality policy will also cover the phone while it’s in use by one of your family members.

Traveling Abroad?

As anyone who has ever traveled overseas knows, it’s usually best to take out insurance in such a situation. And we’re not just talking about travel insurance. You should have the foresight to also insure any and all expensive or otherwise irreplaceable technology that you’re taking along with you, and your new smart phone is no exception. Imagine getting lost, or even worse, mugged, in a foreign country. The modern lifestyle has gotten us all to a point where we are simply powerless and lost without our phones – even more so than we would be without our identification papers. As such, mobile insurance can now also cover trips abroad, which last up to 90 days. If you are sporting a particularly expensive make of phone, such as a new iPhone, an HTC or a fresh release from Nokia, and also traveling to a country that is generally regarded as unsafe, do not forget to travel prepared, and stay safe, rather than sorry.

To conclude, it is quite obvious that in the day and age of quick, easy access to information, which also happens to be the age of globalization, the standard one-year warrant issued by most smart phone manufacturers simply won’t cut it anymore. As such, take additional precautions to make sure you can stay mobile and connected, no matter what misfortunate events might occur along the way.

Guest article written by: Paul is a smart phone addict, as well as an online marketer and custom content writer on a variety of gadget release-focused, new technology and mobility-related topics, such as smart phone and mobile insurance.

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  1. Though this is the first time I heard about insuring a mobile phone, I guess this is applicable because if it contains really confidential information, it really cost a lot.

  2. Never thought about insuring my my phone for a trip oversees but your right it makes sense and people are lost without their phones.

  3. It is good to know from hear that we can also insure our mobile phones by mobile insurance policy. Insurance Policy is worth if the range of the mobile phone is very high.


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