Great Light, Easy Light – a photography ebook by Kevin Clark

Great Light, Easy Light – Strobe Techniques That Don’t Look Lit by Kevin Clark is an eBook about creating beautiful light.

Kevin is a veteran commercial photographer who knows how to cut to the chase and provide photographers of all levels with the practical advice they need to create and manipulate light in order to produce the best aesthetic. Whether you’re using studio lights or off-camera flash, an eight-foot octabank or a bed sheet, you’ll learn about how to get light to do what you want, regardless of the tools.

This 64-page (32-spread) PDF is a hands-on guide that will help you understand how to make a scene look a little more natural, and a little less “lit”. With diagrams showing one, two, and three-light setups, as well as case studies, you’ll be able to set aside the formulas and recipes for lighting and learn how Kevin plays, tweaks and experiments with the subtleties of light.

Great Light, Easy Light is a gorgeous eBook, full of stunning portraits, and is the behind-the-scenes resource you’ll want to have in your digital library as you plan for your next shoot.

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