iPad Mini (7.85″) to be produced in September and ready Oct/Nov?

According to the latest rumors, iPad Mini (or whatever its name will be, Apple’s hopefully future upcoming iPad with 7.85″ display) is supposed to be produced in September, and they will make 4 millions of them. That means it will be ready for customers in October or November, Apple will therefor make the important Christmas season where an iPad Mini could probably sell quite good, if the price will be in the $200-$250 range as expected.

Contrary to the current iPhone rumors where we have seen several leaked photos of iPhone hardware, we are yet to see as many leaked photos regarding the iPad Mini. DigiTimes claims it’s because Apple is going for a “fast product launch” with the iPad Mini, to avoid the chances of photos being leaked beforehand.

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  1. I understand that people like small and lightweight thing,and i also understand that iPad Mini is competition to Kindle.But in my opinion I like bigger screen because it is easier to read text.Everybody have their opinion


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