How to Video-chat without having a webcam?

If you have visited Facebook lately you’ve probably noticed that you can start video conversation with your friends, one on one, not a group call. Group calls (video calls) are available if you download ooVoo’s app for video chatting. This one is really easy to use and it support video conferencing of up to 12 people.

Now that’s all great, but how to start video chatting (with or without ooVoo) if you don’t have a proper hardware? By hardware we mean webcam. Well, the answer is obvious and you’ve probably guessed it- You can’t send your video if you do not have a webcam. But let’s not stop here, let’s put all the options on the table, maybe some of these will help you to at least enhance your chatting experience.

Facebook Chat, use the most out of it- Ok, so you don’t have a webcam but you want to connect with someone, no problems. Let’s see what options are in front of you.

  • You need a camera for Video conversation
  • If you don’t have a cam use your microphone for talking while watching your friend on a screen
  • If you do not have any of it you can still get the Video from the other side but you will only be able to talk via keyboard.

These are the options for Facebook chat and there is no way to record yourself without a cam, but this might be changed soon, especially if you have in mind that data flows faster and faster as the time goes by, which means that you will be able to talk on PC while recording yourself with iPhone (for example).

ooVoo phone to PC Video chatting- There is a company that will do everything to de-throne Skype as a No.1 video calling option. This company is ooVoo. If you decide to visit their site you will notice bundles of options for chatting, video conferencing and social networking. Some of these are free and some you must pay for.

  • With ooVoo you can send your Video to people that do not have cam or/and ooVoo account. This means that you can record yourself and send the video over to multiple people.
  • The next thing you can do with ooVoo is to share your screen with other people while chatting. This means that you will see them (on a side bar) and they will see your screen (they will see your instructions, videos, charts…). This is a great work for making some presentation or staying in touch with your coworkers, employees and employers. This option gives you a chance to stay updated.
  • Finally there are Smartphone’s. Let’s see why they are smart and how you can use them to Video-Chat with your friends without having a webcam on your PC. Simply install the ooVoo app on your phone and invite your family, friends or business partners to talk to you. It does not matter that they are using their PC (or Mac); you will be able to Video chat with them. All you need is a good 3G or Wi-Fi connection (Wi-Fi is the best option; try to find a good signal and you’re set to go).

Talking on Skype while the other side is Video-calling you- If you’ve been using Skype as your primary supplier for Video calling you’re probably aware of the fact that you can get the video from your friend even though you don’t have a cam. This means that you can see the other side but they can’t see you. You can help them get a better chatting experience if you have a microphone installed. Like this they will have your voice and you will have both voice and video.

Until the next video call, try to find a webcam that will suit both your budget and your needs. With all the competition on the market you will be able to find a product with a good price/quality ratio.

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Guest article written by: Jason Phillips, he is a blogger with love for technology. If you like cam chat, be sure to visit his website.


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Guest article written by: Jason Phillips, he is a blogger with love for technology. If you like cam chat, be sure to visit his website.


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