Why Avast Antivirus Is So Popular?

Avast Free Antivirus is a computer security application for registered home and non commercial users. The antivirus package is known to perform effectively. This evaluation is based on the tests carried out by independent efficiency testing agencies like AV-Test.org, AV-Comparitives.org and Dennis Labs.

Avast has a large user community with 129,286,127 active members and 160,577,928 registered users. This helps in quick collection of information about newly emerging malware and the creation of new updates in order to tackle them. With a performance certificate by ICSA Labs and Checkmark certification from West Coast Labs, this software package does an excellent job at stopping viruses, malware and worms.

Core Features

Avast Free Antivirus offers limited scanning of web traffic compared to the paid version. The paid version scans your system at a greater scale. The core aspects help it compete with the various security suites in the market. The built in antispyware, antivirus real-time shields and heuristics engine play a major role in the protection of your system.

The network, IM (Instant messaging), peer-to-peer and Web Shields help in scanning downloads and shared files extensively. This protects your system from a virus attack. It has a behavioral shield that stops malware from intruding until it receives virus definitions pertaining to them.

The updated version also offers a silent/gaming mode which disables any pop-ups or security notification without compromising your security. The intelligent scanning feature prevents rescanning of files which have already been labeled safe. Automatic updates saves time required for manually updating new virus definitions.

Multiple Scan Options

Scanning options include a Quick Scan and a Full Scan. The quick scan takes around 20 minutes and the full scan takes 59 minutes, with a RAM usage of 16 MB during the scan. It provides details regarding the scanning time and type of files being scanned. Summary graphs help in providing more data with regard to the functioning of your system.

The latest version is now available for free download. It offers improved performance, and the compatibility issues have also been resolved.

In addition to this, features like the Chrome Web Rep plug in, improved boot time scanner, web shield, script shield and behavior shield have improved compared to its previous editions. The free trial version can first be installed, and the full version can then be downloaded at the userís convenience and registered.

Laurels for Avast

The free edition comes with the antivirus software and antispyware. This software has been tested by several independent agencies and has won many awards.

Avast Free Antivirus Recognition

  • Avast is ICSA (International Computer Security Association) certified for Windows Operating systems.
  • It has been tested and certified by many independent testing companies and online reviews. It has been awarded the VB100 better known as the Virus Bulletin award.
  • The Avast Free Antivirus edition scored over other software in detecting viruses from the wild-list and threats which have been unknown so far. It is also known to use the least amount of system resources.
  • Avast Freeware edition was rated highly by PCMag site. It got an editorial rating of four out of five stars, for an easy user interface and effective Malware removal.
  • It also received a five star rating at CNet for its ease of use, its auto-sandbox feature, and its low impact on boot time and moderate use of system resources while doing a scan.
  • Avast Free Antivirus also received a high rating on FindTheBest review site. This site gives an objective rating based on the ratings received on CNet, PCMag and PC reviews.
  • Avast Freeware edition was also the editorís pick for great performance by the Anti-Virus kernel, almost 100% detection and an intuitive user interface.
  • It was rated as the Best Bet Pick by PC World magazine for providing different kinds of protection against malicious websites, against peer-to-peer attack, and instant message threats.
  • Avast has been certified by TUV a German benchmarking and testing company and has consistently been on top of the most-downloaded software lists on various sites like CNet.

It has been rated among the top antivirus software, and the user interface is quite friendly. With so many certificates and awards over the years, it has become a trusted product among computer users worldwide.

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14 thoughts on “Why Avast Antivirus Is So Popular?”

  1. well u might avast a great antivirus but not for me
    it slows down my computer and i changed it and now i switch to quick heal

  2. I agree, Avast is working effectively and it has a free version. Even the free version works great and dependable.

  3. there’s a virus that will stop the anti virus guard
    the name is “iy4zowdz16”
    not a lot of people discuss it, find on google

  4. I’ve been using Avast quite sometime now, and some of my computers are installed with this software, and I’m satisfied from the performance, however, one thing I can share for the cons was it will take much of your computer’s memory and causing it with low performance level. But everything else is good to me.

  5. I have never seen a bad review of avast. I used to use it myself but got a free licence for a commercial AV from work so “upgraded” to that, however, I think I might move back to avast as I liked the interface more!

  6. I am a one of those millions of satisfied Avast users. I first used the free version then switched to the paid one after seeing the benefits of using this software.

  7. I have been the big fan of Avast! and using it for last 4 years. I must admit that it’s the best anti-virus I have ever used. I haven’t faced any online security issue in last 4 years and Avast! is working like wonder.

  8. Avast is a great anti-virus. Although I don’t use it right now, I did use it at work a few years ago and I could recommend it to anyone for computer protection.

  9. Several months ago I’ve tried Avast on one of PC and in my opinion, Avast one of the best free antivirus. But now I don’t use it anymore because I am back to Kaspersky Internet Security

  10. I am running Avast on my Android devices and it works like a charm. But another free antivirus I recommend is Avira 🙂

  11. Avast is a very good antivirus but I think Kapersky is better. I had Avast free version before and a virus destroyed my PC, so I’d take Kapersky and now, I’d never got any problem. Yeah, it’s not free, but my computer is secure.

  12. Avast is very good anti virus software and day by day it is improving more with its newer version. The main easy comes from the avast is that it’s installation is very user friendly.

  13. Det er alltids en grunn til at de største antivirus-selskapene er de største. Og i avast sitt tilfelle er dette på grunn av et høykvalitets antivirus sammen med en stor gruppe godt fornøyde brukere. Bruker det selv og sammen med sunn fornuft er dette en veldig god beskyttelse for datamaskinen.


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