Win up to £200,000 for an idea that could change your life!

A good idea could change your life – and many others! That’s why Orange is having a blast of a promotion; they will simply take one amazing idea and make it happen!

The idea they are looking for is the “UK’s next business”, so if you got a fresh idea – read on…

Many of us walk around with great ideas in our head all the time but lack the money, know-how, people and maybe even guts, to take the leap and make it happen. That’s where Orange enters the scene. If you’re the one with a fresh idea, a different business or approach or simply a concept that will blow everybody away, you need to enter this contest and you could be the winner of all this:

  • business planning advice.
  • telecoms support.
  • marketing consultancy.
  • investment capital.
  • legal advice.

All in all, a total value of up to £200,000. Now, if that’s not something worth spending a few minutes thinking about a great business idea, then I don’t know what is. I guess you could say that this is a chance to win your business, your very own business. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Like I wrote in the beginning, a good idea could change both your life and the life of many others. Think about it for a second. Your business probably needs some employees – so that’s already a bunch of jobs you’ve created there, in a time where what the world needs, are more jobs. Next, think about how your product or idea will be able to help people, will it be able to help people save money or will it be able to improve their lives one way or another? Just think about it, because if you believe that you have an idea worth thinking about, you should try pitching it to Orange.

Feel free to share this article with your friends, family and co-workers. I bet there’s a few of them with a business idea or two that you don’t know about (yet). Go on, share it, and don’t be shy to leave a comment below if you don’t mind letting your business idea out into the wild.

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4 thoughts on “Win up to £200,000 for an idea that could change your life!”

  1. I’m hoping to win those £200,000. I’ll try and come up with an amazing idea real soon.
    Thanks for this post.

  2. Great ideas have always changed people’s lives for the better. I love these intiatives and Orange has done a great thing here.

  3. This is very nice to win up to € 200,000 by giving good idea about different things. Daily, many people thnk about new ideas but they remain fail to implement directly in their work becasue of some restrictions by senior over them but now those idea will not gonna waste but help to make money.


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