Giveaway for Mac users: CleanGenius 3.0 from EaseUS


Pay attention, Mac users! TechPatio has been given 14 licenses for the new CleanGenius 3.0 from EaseUS, that we want to give away to our readers – for free – each license is worth $29.95.

CleanGenius 3.0

As the name implies, the app is a genius at cleaning. It will perform the following tasks on your Mac:

  • Fast Clean: Clean out various caches, system cache, logs, trash, downloads.
  • Duplicates: Scan your computer for duplicates within documents, videos, music etc.
  • Disk Usage: Scan your entire drive to find out what files/folders takes up most space (this feature one is my favorite!).
  • Uninstall: Help you uninstall your Mac apps by also making sure that the apps’ log files, settings etc. are removed as well.
  • Free Memory: Shows a pie of your free, wired, active and inactive memory and allows you to free up memory by the click of a button.
  • Login Items: Lets you add/remove items from login (when you boot your Mac).

CleanGenius 3.0 does what it says on the tin – it just works, there’s not much more to it than that. All features can be seen on EaseUS’s website.

“Disk Usage” (screenshot above) is my favorite feature. Every now and then I’ll fire it up and scan my drive(s) and drill down to see what folders are taking up most space on my disks, when I need to do a bit of cleaning.

Get a FREE CleanGenius 3.0 license worth $29.95

Like mentioned above, TechPatio will offer a free giveaway of 14 licenses to this app. All you have to do, is leave a comment below and that’s it.

Giveaway rules:

  • First 14 people to leave a comment below, gets a license.
  • Only commenters who’s actually using a Mac will receive a license (I’ll check the server logs, so don’t bother if you’re using a Windows computer).
  • Once I have 14 Mac users leave a comment, I’ll close for new comments and send your e-mail address to EaseUS so they can send you your free license.

Please share this giveaway with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc.

48 thoughts on “Giveaway for Mac users: CleanGenius 3.0 from EaseUS”

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    • Congratulations Chris, you’re the first one to enter. Once I have 14 entries, I will send all e-mail addreses to EaseUS who will then send you the license, so please have patience a little while longer.

  4. My cousin uses Mac. Can I get this for him? Please give it to me as I want to gift it to my developer cousin.

    • Maybe, I’ll keep you in mind – you might be able to get in as number 14 or something, but I prefer to give it to real Mac users, but if it turns out it’s going to be hard to find enough, then you’ll get one.

  5. Wow!I haven’t heard about hits software before, but it seems to be a nice alternative for MacKeeper or Onyx which I’ve used for cleaning before. Thanks for sharing this nice opportunity, I really would like to give this one a try!

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  7. Cool giveaway, but I’m a Windows user, so will just spread the word around and wait around until the next giveaway is on πŸ™‚

  8. I am not a MAC user but seeing giveaways for so good programs is always worth it. As Adeline said, i will spread the word around as well!

    • You’re in! Once we have 14 entries, your e-mail addresses will be sent to EaseUS so licenses can be sent. Thanks for commenting!

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  10. Such a nice giveaway! Thanks for sharing it! I’ve thought I had to purchase the MacKeeper, but I’ve found it a little bit overpriced. I really would like to give this one a try!

  11. if there is still space left for mac users to receive this software, I would love me a slice of that Apple pie. haha see what I did there. guess i should keep my day job. anyway it would be pretty awesome

    • Hi Candy, yes there are still licenses available. So you’re in too! You will receive it once there are 14 entries πŸ™‚

    • Hi Schmict. If by “33” you are referring to the amount of comments here, then it’s because it counts all comments, including my own replies – such as this πŸ™‚

      You are now one of the 14 entries, so a few more entrants (14 in total) and I’ll send all e-mail addresses to EaseUS to issue the licenses.

    • Sorry Jacob, I don’t know macKeeper. But let me know if you want a license for CleanGenius, I have just one left, so leave a comment ASAP – then you can compare for yourself πŸ™‚

  12. Greetings…not sure what IM supposed to comment on but I could sure use CleanGenius for my overly burdened MacBook Pro…I appreciate the opportunity…especially if I made it in as one of the 1st 14.

  13. Everybody: We now have 14 entries for the giveaway, so NO MORE ENTRIES ALLOWED! We will now send your e-mail addresses to EaseUS who will issue the licenses to you soon, hopefully by next week you will have it. Be sure to check your “Spam” folder on your e-mail address, in case the license information ends up in there. Thanks everybody!

  14. CleanGenius is the very good application for the mac users becasue it not only clean the history and catches of mac but also provides different facility for the mac users like to uninstall the application, check for disk usage etc.


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