How to Find the Best Web Hosting Provider

The following are some things you need to keep in mind when looking for a good web hosting provider.

Good reputation

Before you settle for any web host company, make sure they have a good track record. Many companies offer great hosting plans but fail to deliver on their promises. To find out if the company is trustworthy, simply find out what previous users are saying about them. User reviews will give you a good idea about the host’s track record. In addition, find out if the company has received any awards for their services.

Customer service

A good hosting plan is characterized by user-friendly tech support and good customer service. Before choosing any plan, you can assess the company’s quality of service by calling their customer support number. Do they keep you on hold for a long time? Are the agents friendly and helpful? You could even test their technical knowledge by asking a few basic questions.

Personal plan representative

Usually, customer service and technical support queries are answered by customer care representatives who have a general understanding of how a particular hosting plan works. However, there are plans which will assign you a personal plan representative who will serve as your web hosting liaison.

Scalable plan

Choose a web hosting plan that is scalable, rather than one which is all-inclusive. You don’t have to pay for features which you don’t need at the moment. A scalable plan allows you to add features at a later time as your website grows. This was a major consideration when looking for a suitable host for my website which features midphase coupons and ANhosting discounts.

Good payment options

A good hosting plan will cost you a significant amount of money. You should therefore find out which company is offers flexible payment options such as long-term payment plans or discounts for paying upfront. Identify hosting plans which will not penalize you for missed payments or cancelled plans.

Value-added features

Some hosting plans offer additional features such as cyber-virus checkups, advanced analytics or automatic backup services at little or no extra cost. Find out which company offers the best value-added features at the best prices.

Group deals

If you already own one website, it is likely that you will start a few more in future. Therefore, if you intend to host more sites in future, find a provider who can offer you a discount for hosting all your sites.

Client base

To confirm the credibility of a hosting provider, find out which other successful sites use their hosting services. If hosting company’s clients include large retailers and established companies, then their service is probably exceptional. Large companies usually require advanced security options and efficient tech support.


Before committing yourself to any hosting provider, find out what else they can offer you in the package. Ask for special discounts, free upgrades or value-added services. Mention other quotes which you have received and find out if they can offer you a more competitive quote. Though negotiating might not win you any favors, there is no harm in asking.

Guest article written by: Charles Mburugu often writes about social media and blogging tips. He also blogs about special coupon and discount offers such as ANhosting discounts and midphase coupons. He is currently writing for YouLoveCoupons, a coupon blog that offers Midphase coupon and AnHosting coupon.

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    The one thing I never thought about was to Negotiate I didn’t really thing these kind of company’s offered discount ect if you asked something to remember for the future cheers.

  2. I am using TMDhosting for my blog. The most important for my choice was the service level and price.
    It is not a well known hosting company, but I am very plased with my choice of host.

    One other thing that can be smart for people looking for web host is to check out reviews.
    You can just google “webhosting reviews” and chek out what people are saying.
    I found that my host had a lot of god reviews de to a exellent customer service.

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    The one factor I never believed about was to Settle I do not really factor these type of business’s provided lower price ect if you requested something to keep in mind for the long run regards.

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