Make Sure Your Teen Is Safe This Valentine’s Day with the Android Spy App

Valentine ’s Day makes most of us act a little insane (perhaps there really is a cupid) but teens always take the cake when it comes to impulsive and risky behavior. Many say “youth is wasted on the young” and considering the behavior of individuals and teens specifically these days that seems like an accurate statement. With the android Spy app you can ensure that your teen isn’t doing something silly that they would regret later in life.

Simply doing the wrong things or being with the wrong or person or just making silly choices can all negatively influence or hurt you teen. It’s possible that your teens think they’re being romantic for someone they love when all they’re doing is setting up a good dose of trouble for themselves, and consequentially for you. It is these things that result in date rape, teen pregnancies or being stuck with an abusive partner. A good solution would be to know more about who your teen will be with on Valentine’s Day as well as what they are doing and where they will be. The mobile phone Spy app can help resolve these queries and give you the information you need.

The best way to find out about your teen as well as his or her partner would be to know what they talk about, see what’s going on between them. You couldn’t do it more efficiently without the android Spy app that offers text, email and phone call logging features. You can not only monitor communication activity but also see it. The text logging feature delivers a copy of each text exchanged on the target phone via the android Spy app directly to your account, even if the message is deleted from the phone. You will know who sent it, when it was sent and what it contained. So if your teen is making an inappropriate choice such as getting drunk with friends, you’ll know and you can take action.

There is always the chance they lie about where they are going or doing but that can be eliminated as you find out there plans as they make it. However you can’t go with them on the day or night out, and they can still go somewhere else, so you have GPS tracking feature on the android Spy app so you can constantly monitor their location. Though what is they are in the cinema’s parking not watching the movie, you can make a Spy call using the android Spy app and listen in on the environment the phone is in. You can hear what is happening on the other end and make sure your teen is safe, and the spy call cannot be traced. The iPhone app leaves no mark of the secret spy call ever being received.

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, not a day for disaster – and it certainly doesn’t mean a vacation from parenting. Avoid turning this V-day a D-day for your teen!

Guest article written by: Jane has been telling readers how to keep track of what matters most. She has been tackling issues relating to Cell phone monitoring technology for a while now. Whether readers are looking for info on android Spy app or blackberry spy app, they hear it first with Jane.

18 thoughts on “Make Sure Your Teen Is Safe This Valentine’s Day with the Android Spy App”

  1. I don’t think its a good idea to spy on anyone let alone your own children. Build a good relationship with your child and you won’t have to be worried about how they carry themselves in the world.

    • I agree about the build a good relationship with your child part but do you seriously mean they don’t have to be worried about how the children carry themselves in the world. When you build up any relationship thoughts about the future starts to come automatically. I have developed great relationships with some of my good friends from college, at times their failings hurt me the most and just for the few years of time we spend together i always expect the best for them and wish they be in good state irrespective of their endevours. How do u believe parents can simply grow a child with good relationship and just give up on caring about their future or the immediate present. parents are not petri dish where u grow Colonies of germs dear.Adeline.

  2. The app is really nice, and it could be helpful, but as a mother I won’t use it for spying. I think parent have to play fair with their children, if they want them children to be honest.

  3. That is sneaky. I had a feeling that were probably apps out there like this but as the other people mentioned I do not think I would be able to use this on my kids. My daughter is only 9 now so i guess we will wait and see.

  4. Huh! This what I need. Yes we need to trust our children but are we going to let them suffer the consequences of their childish decisions?

  5. This is a horrible idea is this ment to help because all i see it doing is splitting people up and causeing more trouble than its worth.agree with the others comments build up a good relationship with you children instead.

  6. That’s a complete invasion of privacy! I can see how parents would be worried about their children, but I think it’s important to build up a relationship of trust, and perhaps impose stricter rules if that is an issue, rather than spying. Curfews, spending time with your teen’s partner and friends in order to get to know what kind of people they are with, educating them on being safe, etc, are all better ways to look after your teenaged children. At the end of the day, I think every parent would want to know that their child can turn to them if they are ever in big trouble, but when trust is breeched in this way, it makes it more unlikely that they would feel comfortable confiding in you.

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  10. What happened to trusting your kids? and also i don’t get it why kids nowadays are so hang up on disappointing their parents. as a parent i wouldn’t even want to know if “something” was going on, is a little disturbing.

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