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by Guest Author on July 16, 2013

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data guardAs the name suggests, online backup refers to the process of backing up all the data and files remotely online. Online backup is considered to be an alternative to back all those up at your hard drive. You leverage on the cloud computing technology and internet for creating offsite storage and the hardware requirement is minimal as well. Online backup is ideal for any type of business, irrespective of its size or operation.

The Technology

Previously, it was just about replicating the business files. However, from there online backups have evolved to backing up the entire infrastructure including the network attached storage devices, business servers and multiple workstations. Certain online backup service providers have enterprise class plans supporting files of size up to a few gigabytes and you can manage multiple machines or perform centralized online server backup as well.

Advantages of Online Backup

Increased Security

If you run a business, there is bound to be sensitive information such as tax documents and financial records which keeping on the external drivers in an unsecured manner may pose risks. If such sensitive information is stolen, you can definitely run into troubled water. If you hire the services of a remote backup service, the security is enhanced as you are generally protected with good enough encryption and various security measurements. Only you can have access to your information.

Redundancy of Multiple Levels

If you hire an effective online backup service, you can expect the service to have several backups of your data. Therefore, your information will be stored in multiple locations and each of those will be independent of each other. Let me explain this to you with an example. Identical clusters of your data can be stored by a service into two servers in completely different geographical locations. Therefore, the chance of your data getting lost is trimmed to almost zero. Multiple backups also ensure that your data is safeguarded even in case of a natural calamity.

Backup Process is automated

If you don’t hire an [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]online backup service[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]online backup service[/tp], you may need to complete the backup process manually and the task can turn out to be troublesome for you. As you pay for online backup, the entire process is automated. You don’t need to worry about anything as the service itself will take care of everything. Most of the renowned online backup services offer incremental backups and backup scheduler as well.

With help of an automated scheduler, you can back up all of your data on every week, month or quarter. On the other hand, incremental backup lets you control the back up so that it happens only when new data is added to your repository.

Easy Restoration

With backup, it’s always possible to restore your data, whenever you wish. So if something goes wrong with your secured data, just hit the restore button and you should be free of trouble.

The cost of an online backup service is usually affordable, so no matter how small your budget is, that should not prohibit you from availing the services of an online backup provider. The advantages are many and most importantly, it gives you peace of mind.

Guest article written by: Costea loves to write about technical stuffs and off late, he has started to write about online backups. If you have any questions about his write-ups, please feel free to ask him questions.


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