Tablet generation: What we do with our tablets

xperiatablet4There’s a new infographic in town, which I thought would be interesting to analyze and see how well it applies to my own tablet use. The infographic is at the bottom of this article.First, the infographic says that 30% of every tablet user in 2012 used their tablet daily. That number is surprisingly low for me. Personally, I use my tablet daily maybe 80-90% (meaning, for every 10 days, there are 1-2 days I don’t use it). The Xperia™ Tablet is pretty sweet though, so it would be hard not to pick it up daily!The infographic also says 33% of the tablet users use it at home, 67% outside of home. For me, I think it’s about the opposite. Outside, I use my smartphone mostly, and inside I use my tablet most.In 2012, users downloaded 22 apps on average – and 96% of all tablet users download apps. I have over 50 apps on my tablet, but I’m curious and try out a lot of apps and games. If I did a clean-up, I could probably get down to less than 20 apps I would prefer to keep.

When it comes to video, 54% of tablet users watch video. I think I watch a video almost daily on my tablet, be it either a video podcast, a YouTube video or some online course video, like these days as I’m currently trying to learn a programming language. It’s easy to do just 15 minutes of “school” before bedtime.

The final thing I want to highlight from the infographic (it contains a lot more, go see for yourself at the bottom of this article), is the “71% prefer reading on tablets vs mobile phones and other media”. I definitely dislike reading on my smartphone, the screen is just not big enough. In a “tablet vs desktop/laptop” battle, I would definitely pick the tablet 90% of the time – I much prefer that. However, if “tablet vs printed media”, I’m probably down to 25% tablet and 75% printed media. There’s just something “different” about reading printed media, feeling the paper in your hands etc. Obviously this only applies to static text and images – if video or any other kind of interaction is implemented, then the tablet will always beat printed media. Also, you can’t beat how much content you can store on a tablet compared to a book shelf…

Some people don’t understand the need for a tablet, they say you might as well buy a cheap laptop and use that. Well, you could, but a tablet is just much easier to handle when you are in a bed, or on an airplane/bus/train, or sitting comfortable in the couch, I would argue. Besides, an Xperia™ Tablet doesn’t cost you much over 300 quid at the moment, if you want a good quality tablet, or you can find even cheaper tablets if you are satisfied with less performance and build quality.

Do you have a tablet?
If yes, which one do you have? And what do you use it for?
If no, why not? Are you looking to buy one, or are you one of those “laptops for the win!”-people? 🙂
Leave a comment below!


Xperia™ Tablet

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15 thoughts on “Tablet generation: What we do with our tablets”

  1. Tablets have evolved as great devices now. !! I love them for gaming. 😉 . you could be gaming on the GO , with a portable tablet. 🙂

  2. Hello,
    I don’t have a tablet yet, but I probably will buy one in the coming month because I have to commute very long to work and would like to surf, check mails and so on.

  3. Nice post and infographic. Was suprising to see that only 30 percent of people use their tablet daily. I love my tablet and use it everyday for browsing the internet and listening to music.
    Thanks for the share

  4. Great infographic – very topical! While I wouldn’t personally buy a tablet (work provides me with one), I think it provides a great learning platform for the elderly and even the young to get up to speed with technology. It is an easy way to access information while you’re on the go. I still prefer my Macbook (much more functionality).

  5. I still can remember when a lot of people have complained about the revolutionary first generation of iPads… they have told that it will be useless and mistake of device design… Steve Jobs has knew something, he has revolutionized the entertainment devices for the 2nd time in his life. I always read the news on my tablet while having my breakfast 🙂

  6. Definitely bought a smile to my face after reading –
    (are you one of those “laptops for the win!”-people? )

    Yeah, I am using iPad mini. No need to mention the brand or how dangerously addictive this device is. Gaming, movies and yeah, lil’ bit work too. My personal favorite.

    Thanks for this interactive post…

  7. Hey dude, I have been thinking to buy a new Tablet. Yesterday there were news regarding Samsung Note 8.0 will be available in the second quarter of the Financial year 13-14. And here i came across your post well equipped by infographics. Really informative keep it up dude…

  8. The best thing about tablets is that they are very light weight with good battery backup which makes it a perfect gadget to carry while traveling. Although it cannot replace laptops or desktop completely, but it is more than capable of managing daily tasks.

  9. I’ve been considering getting a tablet myself, I just mainly want one to browse the internet with easily while watching t.v. The surface looks nice but it’s just so expensive I’ll probably end up going with a nexus 7

  10. I use my tablet as much if not more then my desktop and laptop. I have a 10″ Galaxy and Phablet 7″ Galaxy. There are always being used every single day. Form video to reading the news it has replaced just about everything. I need the laptop and Desktop for higher performance things that do not run on a tablet if they could I would be using it all the time.

  11. I used my Chinese Android tablet daily, playing all games that runs on expensive tablets. So no need to buy costly tablet use Chinese tablet.

  12. I’ve a tablet and I use it for mainly internet surfing and playing games on it. Tablets usually have great battery life so I always take tablet with me when I go out.


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