3 Questions That Your Blog Must Answer


Starting a blog and turning it into a success can be a huge achievement. One reason why many blogs fail is that they don’t adequately assess the basic whys and hows of their blog. If they could only start at the beginning, they would be in a much better position.

What kind of reader are you looking for and how do you make him keep coming back?

Central to everything you do building a blog, is your understanding of the kind of reader that you wish to aim yourself at. The better you understand your readership, the better the position you will be in to offer blogging products that your readers will keep coming back for.

Why is your blog here?

You need to answer one basic question for yourself before you allow yourself to start a blog – is your blog basically meant for you or is it something that you primarily intend for others?

Some blogs exist simply to help people pass the time. Others try to help people find new ideas. Others, yet, have a commercial plan – they wish to sell people things.

If your purpose is to help other people in some way (though that includes selling them things, sometimes), you need to clearly define how exactly you plan to offer the help you have in mind. Without a plan, your business blog will soon turn into a neglected diary instead of a vibrant online space where people come with their problems and leave with solutions.

What unique quality does your blog officer? No matter how unique you think your blog’s message is, it is likely that there are several other blogs out there that have the same idea. You need, then, to look at the competition and find a way to differentiate yourself. Once you answer for yourself how your blog’s product is different, you can consider yourself as having successfully defined your brand.

How do you plan to build trust?

People can effortlessly go in and out of blogs and websites. Even if your blog does offer a unique product, it can still have trouble attracting readers if your authority in your niche isn’t well known. You need to gain credibility simply to have people give you a chance.

How do you build trust? People tend to trust websites that help them solve the problems they have. When a blog provides readers with solutions that they can use, it wins trust this can be parlayed into interest in the rest of the blog.

Once you have these three basic questions answered…

When you have a basic idea of why your blog exists and what you wish to achieve with it, it’s time to think about actually launching and running the blog. When blogs fail, often, it isn’t because they don’t do enough. Instead, they fail because they don’t listen to their readers enough.

You need to constantly research your readership and listen to them to understand what exactly they look for. If you are on to the right idea, usually, you’ll see results right away. Blogs that are successful quickly gain several hundred visitors a day within weeks. If your readership doesn’t go up very quickly, usually, it is a sign that you are doing something wrong.

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