The NetBook is dead and soon gone!

As of January 2013, Asus and Acer will no longer be making netbooks. Asus launched the first netbook, Eee PC, back in 2007, but now it’s over.

Asus did try to revive the netbook market last year with its Eee PC 1024 Flare Series with Intel Atom processor, which was able to boot from sleep-mode in just 2 seconds (kinda like tablets are instant-on), Asus called it the “worlds fastest netbook”. But it wasn’t enough, customers were not interested.

The cheap netbooks are mostly sold in South East Asia and South America, but also in these markets they have been overtaken by cheap Android tablets and smartphones.

Apparently the netbook death is a combination of factors such as financial crisis, iPads and tablets, expensive Windows licenses and general disappointed with netbooks (performance issues?).

Intel will continue to make its Atom processor which will be used in intelligent TV’s and smartphones.

10 thoughts on “The NetBook is dead and soon gone!”

  1. well, after my last experience with Acer, i am not sure i would buy any of thier products again. I had an acer inspiron, bought it actually because of the cheap price. Within one week (honestly), the right part of the screen gaped open. Had to glue it! The laptop just kept breaking in different parts, till i finally had to stop using it as it wouldnt close anymore.
    The workings and processor and all that was perfectly fine, but i think materials used to build it were cheap. They should please improve the quality of thier materials.
    I am presently using a lenovo now, i pray this isnt another mistake

  2. Yes netbooks are not fo muhc intrest for ordinary people. But i still think it is a good Blogger’s carry device. 😉

  3. Boom! The obvious death of netbooks has now materialized.

    the netbook market was overtaken by tablets. Who needs a netbook if they already got a tablet and vice-versa?

    The need for the netbook was erased when the tablets arrived.

    honestly, up to now, I’m still using a netbook. There are still some things that tablets can’t do.

    But do you think, there will be a netbook comeback some time in the future?
    Let me know what you think.

    ill be waiting for your advise.

  4. My wife bought her netbook a couple of years ago. Now, she’s having the mini iPad at the top of her wish list.

    For the general users, where my wife belongs, given a choice between iPad/tablet and a netbook, I’ll bet on the iPad/tablet as the sure winner. Between the various tablets available today, some are not selling as desired and thus are discontinued because there just are too many upgraded versions new models coming up every couple of months or so. Thus, I wouldn’t be surprised if indeed the netbook is headed the way of the dinosaurs.

  5. I had one netbook a few years ago. From my point of view it was useful, as I could carry it easily to university and use it. As the market evolved, it seems a little too noncompetitive, as compared to tablets.

  6. I guess netbooks are still pretty great for kids to take to school and do their homework on. I don’t see myself buying a netbook.

  7. I don’t fully agree with you, Netbooks are not dead. Last year Samsung launched it’s 1 TB HDD space netbook and it’s pretty impressive and marketing growth still going high.

  8. You are right i think also same. Net book is gone soon because many new technologies are came and coming. So now and in future people don’t want this. Thanks for this post..


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