How to Speed up you Android Smartphone

by Guest Author on January 14, 2014

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There is a vast majority of Android Smartphones available in the market. But all phones whether having heavy specifications or lighter ones, with time get slower, and they seem to lag. So in this post I’m going to show you some of the ways to speed up your Android Smartphone.


Monitor Usage:

You should monitor your Apps and other System usage with the apps that run in the background. Yes majority of the lag on your device is caused by the devices that are running in the background. They also ping the network and also use RAM of your Smartphone so when the memory space to be allocated for the new devices is less, and hence the system slows down. So go to Settings > Applications > Running services to monitor statistics of the apps running in the background. So uninstall these unwanted apps, and you will feel the change.

Task Killer:

As the main tasks is to maintain the unwanted apps running in the background. There are many apps available in the Play Store to manage the usage of the apps, and one such app is “Task Killer“.  This app eventually kills the unwanted tasks running in the background, and frees some RAM memory, and hence you r phone will run faster. Also you can stop the apps by navigating to the Menu button> Tap Settings > Applications and select Manage Applications> Click on the tab labelled Running > and then tap on the app you want to kill.

Battery Optimizations:

Also you might to know that Battery strength also depends the speed your phone, as the battery directly feeds the processor. So if you have adequate battery, the processor would get enough feed to get going and process the files at it’s original speed. To boost your battery you need to make several tweaks in your phone like turning the brightness down, keep  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when not in use. Also you can install various battery saving apps, but do keep in mind, some of the battery saving apps, in turn slow down the phone to save battery so make sure that is not the case.

Clear Up Memory:

Also if you have stuffed your phone’s memory, then it will slow down. S you should always have some free space in your phone, and you can do that uninstalling the unwanted and the unused apps in your Android Smartphone. Also you should keep various widgets and the animations minimized so that enough random memory is freed up and the phone can run fast enough.

Overclock Your Processor:

This is the last method by which you can increase the speed of your smartphone. Overclocking is a technique by which you increase the processing speed your phone’s processor, and hence the phone will process the files even more faster as compared to it’s original speed, and as a result your phone get faster. But this is method is the last resort you should follow, as it requires the root access. in other words you need to root your device. And also by overclocking the device your processor life is degraded and also sometimes phone gets heated up. So give it a second thought before overclocking your phone’s processor.

So this was a short post in which there are some of the tricks to improve the speed of yur Android Smartphone inc case it has grown slower. I hope this helped.

Guest article written by: Umpreet, loves to blog about various Android Tricks and Trips and also has a blog based on rooting Android Smartphone, as [tp lang=”en” only=”y”][/tp][tp not_in=”en”][/tp]

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