Why Google Nexus 6 is the Big Thing in the Crowd of Smartphones

The stalwarts of the smartphone market, that is, Samsung, Sony, Apple, HTC and others are putting their countless efforts to make their product a hit. The smartphones like Galaxy S5, One New (M8), Xperia Z2 and more are making the world spin because of their specifications, features and price.

One more manufacturer which is known as the synonym of the internet, Google also has its own range of smartphone called Nexus, which are also pretty much topic of interest of the people.

The Nexus phones are always welcomed by the users as they get a new version of android every time with it. The specifications and features part also are the things which give some choices to customers while purchasing a new android phone.


The latest upcoming Nexus 6 is now anticipating the market as the rumors which are surrounding it are just exceptional to feature on a smartphone. The Nexus 6 is planning to take over the android market from Samsung with the launch of its.

The rumors have strong indication that the phone will get a camera around 16-20 MP with some features that haven’t been featured on any smartphone yet.

The Nexus 6 will also bring up the new series of android version with the goal which states that the launchers will lose their identity in the market. The new android version will also be very much in the eyes if critics after the rumors of new OS based on Linux or Ubuntu.

The Nexus 6 also planning to run Samsung out of the league while the customers talk about a processor which is fast enough to run any app with tons of features. The [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Nexus 6[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Nexus 6[/tp] will reportedly feature an ultra fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa core 64-Bit processor with 4 GB RAM working @ 3GHz.

The display of the Nexus is also all set to start a new era in the market of curved screen with almost unbreakable protection. Since the rumors of Apple’s sapphire glass protection are out, the Google is planning to make this a reality with some other alternative.

The ultra HD display with 2K resolution and 6” span will surely outrun the other entire phones available in the market.

The battery is also something which is going to change its position in the smartphone market with the launch of Nexus 6. The wireless charging for a beast of more than 3200 mAh will be ideal for a smartphone like the Nexus 6.

The battery, if comes like above, then it’ll surely force other flagship models to improve their battery if they want to stay in the hunt.

Wrap Up

The specification and features of the Nexus 6 which are currently filling up the air of rumors in the market just make sure one thing that the Google is about to launch a device which will redefine the status of smartphone in the android world.

Let’s just wait for the time being and let’s see what the Google Nexus 6 has to steal to show.


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  1. Even though none of the specs are confirmed as of now, i still think 4GB RAM would not be a part and at max it would be 3GB as per several leaks. Also the specs are to hyped up compared to its predecessor but until and unless official announcement is made, these things will only be a part of rumor mill.


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