Top 5 Virtual Assistant Apps for Android

How about having a superhero as a personal assistant who will be doing all the work efficiently without forgetting anything! Not only work, but they have the answer to all your queries whenever and wherever you want. You may be working in any field, but having an assistant will definitely make your life much easier and organized. Therefore, for people who are always on a go or otherwise Android has Virtual Assistant Apps which will help them in their work.

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If you are an iOS device user then you have Siri helps you out and Windows phone has CORTANA voice assistant with Windows 8.1. You can go to Google Play Store and find out the newest and best Virtual Assistant Apps for your assistance. If you are confused which one will be the best suited for you then have a look in here as we are giving out Top 5 Virtual Assistant Apps for Androids –

Vlingo – It listens to your command attentively and establishes connection with whatever you want. It has the ability to work completely hands free. You will be able to send SMS, make calls and it can also guide you the direction of your destination while you concentrate on your driving. You will find it even more interesting because it comes absolutely free. It will find you –

  • Hotels
  • Arrange Taxi
  • Open the calendar
  • Provide information about where you will be able to watch your favorite movie
  • Update your status
  • Find your favorite restaurant nearby

Google Now – Google has always been one of the handy helpers since time immemorial. When the Android phones came into market how it could have been far behind so it came up with an app which would assist the users with various things. It is currently made available in the Android jelly Bean. It is fast, easy to use and it helps you in –

  • Searching whatever you command over the Google search engine
  • Providing personalized result depending on your location
  • Weather updates
  • Traffic updates

Easy Launcher – This virtual assistant of yours will help you in launching various applications through your voice commands. It can operate the Bluetooth too, like setting it on or off depending on your command and is one of the extensively used app. Then it also performs various other things like –

  • Search various topics on Wikipedia directly
  • It can launch an app
  • Uninstall any app you want
  • Look for effective keywords in Google Store

Skyvi – It is a sure shot winner as it can perform almost anything that you want. Starting from local business to the big bad world of celebrities, it has knowledge about everything. What Siri does for iOS this app does for Android devices! You can make it  –

  • Will let you know the direction
  • Voice text
  • Fast search of places
  • Making calls
  • Play music
  • Have fun chatting with funny one liners
  • You can even ask Skyvi various questions with your voice only
  • Get weather updates
  • Update Facebook status through voice command

Iris – This is one of the oldest virtual assistants, but is truly as effective as Siri. You can activate it easily by taping on the key which is designated for this app on your device. It operates only through voice command and the work that it does are –

  • Provides you voice output about the calls that you have missed
  • Plays your favorite music
  • Current time and date updated
  • Can update the status of the Facebook or Twitter
  • Has the ability to inform you about your horoscope.

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