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android-tv-appsDo you ever want to watch in a television yet you are far away from home? Or do you want to watch your favorite series while travelling in a car? If you do, then here are the best TV apps for android.


The Viggle android app lets you watch TV shows in your android phone as it is being aired in the television for FREE. With this app, you can also check the Facebook page of the show you are watching, their recent tweets, their Wikipedia information and merchandises from Amazon. And for every time you check in, you can earn points which you can use for redeeming GCs or gift cards to different establishments. Some of these are Starbucks, Burger King, and Best Buy but there are many more. Points earned in Viggle depend on the show you are watching. It may take a while to get enough points but if you don’t mind this at all because you just want to watch your favorite TV series then you’ll just be surprised of your points one day.


Netflix is one of the top contributors when it comes in TV to android apps. Although it may not have the same amount of content as the TV has, there is a variety of TV shows you can watch from the beginning. The quality of the video and the sound are good and you can even start where you left off at last. Netflix also recommends TV shows or movies you might want to watch. But compared to their web version, you won’t be able to check the actors and directors using the app. The app itself can be downloaded for free in Google Play but you will have to pay for your Netflix account.


Using the DirecTV application, you can stream to TV shows live wherever you are. You can even record so you can watch it later. It also has another feature called “Social Sharing”. This lets you share your thoughts on the show you are watching and post it on Facebook or Twitter. The only concern you might have here is that you need to have a DirecTV subscription to enjoy all of these,


While there are some paid subscriptions for most TV apps, there are some free apps too, and one of this is Crackle. Crackle lets you enjoy TV shows and movies all for free. Every month, they add 20 new episodes and movies for you to watch. Even if your viewing experience may be interrupted due to some commercials, you will still like it. If you need to do something else and stop watching, the point when you stopped watching will be remembered so the next time you open the Crackle app, you can still continue watching it.


With this app, you will have an access to all the original series and different movies you can find in HBO. The HBO Go app can be downloaded for free in Google Play and once you have you HBO subscription, you will also have a free streaming service. You also don’t have to wait for quite a long time in order to watch a certain show in your phone; because once it is aired in HBO, the same show will be available within the next 24 hours. Most of the contents of this app are in high-definition which further enhance can enhance your watching experience.

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