Top Features of the Moto X

moto-xMoto X remains as one of the most popular devices launched recently. The device has got a price tag higher than Moto G but it’s totally justified considering its high end specifications. Moto X does contain some differentiating features that offer a great deal of utility to the smartphone user. To understand the Moto X better, do have a look at the following features:-

Brilliant voice command system

The “Okay, Google Now” feature of Moto X allows you to operate the phone without touching the device, thereby making it convenient for the user to operate the device. Irrespective of whether you want to do conversion, set up alarms or fix appointments, this feature will help you considerably. It’s really fun to use too.

Active display

The manufacturers have integrated AMOLED display in Moto X which is bright and crisp. Also, the bright display does not take any major toll on the battery life of the device. The display of the device offers notification for calls, message and time without unlocking the phone, as seen in many Nokia devices.

Quick capture mode

Just by shaking the device, you will be able to switch on the camera app of the device. If you shake it twice in succession then the image will be captured. Not only the Quick Capture mode of Moto X makes it easier to click photos in succession but the camera interface is also quite good.

Establish secured connection easily

If you want to connect your Moto X with a trusted connection without unlocking the device every time, then you can easily do so with your Moto X. All, you need to do is to establish a trusted connection once with any other gadget to which you want your Moto X to connect and whenever it will come in the range of Bluetooth, the device will get connected automatically.

High customization

As there is a whopping range of 18 color back panels to choose from, Moto X as got amongst the highest customizability in the smartphone arena. It has got different color accents and the rings around the camera lens make it look quite good. That’s not all; you can even get the name or message etched on the back cover of the phone. This etching feature is limited to a certain carriers.

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  1. After this what you want Moto X have all the qualities that we find in other cells, i recently try to finding out Moto x drawbacks but i can’t instead of it i find 10 highest selling cell phones in the world i dont know why they are at the top anyways i personally go with Moto X for their features.


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