Everything You Need To Know About Application Troubleshooting [Infographic]

by Emily on January 25, 2015

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A day without technology — ah, can you even think of this? We guess you cannot because we have become so much inseparable from technology in almost every aspect of daily life, either directly or indirectly. Even when you submit a written application, internal communication developed for organizations will be used to input the information to the servers of the organizations and make it globally accessible! So, even when you can forcefully refrain yourself from a number of applications, organizations cannot and this is the reason why application monitoring and troubleshooting have gained an extraordinary significance these days, and we are going to throw more light into the art of timely app troubleshooting through this infographic.

Apparently, there has been a notable hike in the number of internally developed apps that would help organizations complete their work quickly than usual! Around one third of organizations use more than 10 internal apps in order to move on with day-to-day tasks in the firm. Despite this fact, however, you might find it a bit surprising that IT department of most of the organizations still use no sorts of dedicated solutions to find out troubles within applications but depend upon basic notifications and complaints from users to diagnose the issue; this, indeed, is an issue because even when you have found out the actual issue behind trouble, there are a lot of work left such as to find out the reasons caused that issue, analyzing resources and server performance etc. Nevertheless, reports show that organizations that make use of integrated application monitoring and troubleshooting solutions consume lesser amount of time for fixing these kinds of application errors when compared to those that do not. In this infographic, however, Stackify has bought you a set of relevant data about application troubleshooting and other aspects regarding the subject.

There are reports that say that organizations that use integrated application troubleshooting solutions are able to fix internal application troubles in a shorter amount of time, without impacting users and even before the information gets spread to more number of users; organizations with standalone tools, however, need more time, as reports do say! For instance, surveys show that only 37% of issues took half a day to solve if the organizations do use integrated application monitoring solutions, as these solutions help developers find the issues easily by digging the appropriate place.


Just like this, there are a number of aspects about application troubleshooting that you can have a look on. If you are interested in understanding the actual concept and enabling such an awesome service for your application, you can have a look on complete application troubleshooting report, which is developed by Stackify.

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