How the Internet of Things Has Impacted the Way We Live

internet_businessThe Internet of Things has connected people together in ways that have never been available before. With the simple click of a mouse or touch of a screen, we can video chat with people across the globe or order the latest book in the newest series.

Business Innovation

One of the most prevalent ways that the Internet has changed the world is within the business industry. Companies can now reach consumers around the world without having to expand the business into another country. Colleagues can also collaborate on projects with ease, instead of trying to coordinate busy schedules to find time to meet. Many employers offer remote positions as well, reducing the overhead costs for office space.


Between wearable devices and “smart” homes, it is easier than ever to keep track of everything at once. If you have an elderly family member who values his or her independence, a wireless sensor system can track movements and make sure that all is well at home. While you are on vacation, you can check on your home regularly via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi cameras and other options.


Consumers have the freedom to connect with businesses around the world via social media and email. This also provides companies with opportunities to reach wider audiences without having to spend so much on marketing initiatives. Families can stay closer by engaging in regular video calls, text messages, or emails to stay in touch, even when living far away from one another.

Health Improvements

Thousands of apps exist for mobile devices that can help you take control of your health. You can track steps or activity, monitor your calorie intake, or track disease symptoms to help lower risk. The Internet also makes it easy to contact your physician or access thousands of health resources from anywhere.


Gone are the days of calling a travel agent to find out the cost of a vacation. Instead, you can search flights, hotel rooms, and travel packages online to find the best deals during the dates that work with your schedule. According to a study, more than 70 percent of travelers book their own travel instead of going through an agency.


When you are looking for that special someone, you can open up one of the hundreds of dating apps to search for singles in your area. It is easy to swipe through photos and profiles that will allow you to get to know people without having to leave your couch. However, watch out for being “catfished”—if he or she seems too good to be true, trust your instincts.


With so much available at your fingertips, it is easy to stay entertained whether you are waiting at the DMV or on a break at work. You can access new music on Pandora or Spotify instead of digging through a record bin at a music store, or check out the latest video online instead of waiting for it to come up on a top 10 show on TV.


Mobile Internet used to be spotty at best, but it has completely shifted over the past few years. If you have a trustworthy carrier, it is easy to use a smartphone while driving to access turn-by-turn directions without worrying about driving outside of the service area. Reliable high-speed mobile Internet makes it simple to access apps while on-the-go.


Instead of waiting in line at the bank to deposit a check, most people can now use mobile apps to take a photo of the check and submit it for immediate deposit. Online banking and credit card websites also make it much easier to check balances, make transfers, and pay bills without having to change out of your pajamas.


Kids probably don’t turn to the encyclopedia to research a topic for a paper; instead, they will look to the Internet where they can access thousands of pages of resources. The Internet also helps to squash debates about specific events or pieces of information; a quick web search will yield the answer in just a few seconds.

It is fascinating to look back at how the Internet has changed the world. With so much available to us at all hours of the day, it may seem amazing that we can get anything accomplished.

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