Tips for perfect Newborn Photography

xperia-z1-cameraAccomplishing an ideal newborn photo-shoot isn’t child’s play. There are many glitches and little bumps along the ride. But also bundled are several heartwarming moments and bursts of innocence. It involves teamwork from both parties – the parents and the photographer – to get everything just right. This guide will cover the things which must be taken care of and also throw in some creative baby photography ideas to make capturing a newborn a joy!

1. Understand your client and their expectations

Before starting it is always good to know the client and their needs. A very good approach to do that is to have regular contact with them at least a week before the shoot date. This will help to understand what they are expecting the photos to be like and what you need to do to achieve that in the best manner. It will also help to decide if the photo-shoot should be done at your studio or at the client’s place. Also, during the discussions with the client, you should let them know how you want to achieve the photos and how you will be handling and positioning the baby so that they are mentally prepared and can let you know of things they would want to do differently.

2. Photo shoot at the client’s place or the Studio?

If going for the client’s place, a good approach would be to visit there and see what it looks like. The visit will also help in letting you know what equipment you will need to carry to get the desired picture quality and style. During the visit, you can let the client know what they need to do on the day of the shoot so as to make everything smooth. You can also pick the area where you want to do the shoot and plan the settings. The visit will also work wonders in building a good relationship between you and the client.

3. Advance preparations

Like all photo shoots, newborn photography has its set of pre-requisites which need to be fulfilled beforehand. Firstly, both parties must make sure that they have ample amount of time for the shoot because a newborn photo shoot depends on the baby’s mood and needs to a large extent. Now, if the shoot is being done at the studio, you should let your client know what you will be doing in terms of the lighting, background and the baby’s positioning.

A very important aspect of such shoots is for the parents to understand and be prepared for their child’s needs (this of course applies to shooting at home as well). While going to the studio, they should be prepared with all baby essentials ready. You should discuss with them what all they should bring. You must also let them know what clothing they should bring including baby wraps, blankets, caps, socks and mittens, headbands etc. Positioning items like pillows or baby beanbags or baskets will also be needed.

4. Avoid troubling the baby

During the shoot, tackle everything such that the star of the show, the baby, doesn’t get troubled. Whether it is the studio or the client’s place, the setting should always be kept warm enough for the baby. Let the mother nurse and caress the baby while you prepare your next scene or vice-versa. Don’t let the sound of the camera shutter startle the baby. You could play soft music (on a comfortable volume) to cover up the sound. Similarly with the lighting, keep it subtle. Also, instead of posing the baby for every photo, try capturing the baby’s natural poses. When she sleeps or yawns or stretches, just capture it the best you can. Natural photos are the best ones!

5. Go Macro!

Nothing makes a newborn photo-shoot look as beautiful as macro photography. The zoom, the angle and the depth add life to the pictures. Close up shots are the recommended way to capture a baby. Not only do they look adorable, they also make for great album photos. But make sure when you’re capturing a macro shot, the baby is not moving much.

6. Be Creative

Photography needs to be creative if it has to be done right. Think out of the box. Instead of always shooting indoors, you could capture a few pictures outdoors or create such a setting in your studio. Position the baby among flowers for example. Another great idea could be to let the parents or the siblings accompany the baby in the pictures. And this may sound absurd, but you could even capturing a few crying shots of the baby. They’re natural and they tend to look very cute!

Wrapping it up

Newborn photography shoot ideas don’t exactly follow a defined set of rules. You need to let go of your inhibitions and have an open mind. Be flexible and of course, have a lot of patience!

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