Data recovery with EaseUS software

Data recovery is a feature that enables the users to recover any deleted data from the system. Generally, in windows OS when any data is being deleted, it actually goes to the recycle bin. The data which is in the recycle bin can be recovered at any time. But if you want to delete the data permanently then the option is to go to the recycle bin and select to empty the recycle bin. Otherwise, the option of Shift+delete can also permanently delete the data from the hard disk. As long as the data is in the recycle bin it is possible to restore it but the chances of recovering it once it has been deleted from the recycle bin are very less. Certain data recovery software like the EaseUS data recovery software can be helpful for recovering any data that has been permanently deleted or emptied from the recycle bin.


The EaseUS data recovery software is very simple yet powerful data recovery software which can be used to recover from the emptied recycle bin. It is possible for the users to preview all the files that have been deleted and once you are satisfied that the desired file is present then it has to be bought for recovering the file or folder whatever may be the case. A detailed step by step guidance to recovery of data by using EaseUS data recovery software is as follows:

  1. Launch the EaseUS data recovery software. Then select the file types that are required to be recovered. Then Next button is to be clicked.
  2. Then the disk where data was lost is to be selected and Scan button is to be clicked. This will start the scanning of the EasyUS data recovery software.
  3. After the completion of scanning, it will show a list of all the recoverable files. Then the user has top select all the files that have to be recovered and click on the recover button. It is advisable that the recoverable files are to be recovered to another disk so as to avoid any form of data overwriting.

The EaseUS data recovery software is a popular tool for data recovery as it has extensive features. It is able to recover all types of lost files, including photos, documents, videos, audio, emails, compressed files etc. It has the ability to recover data from hard drive, PC, laptop, digital devices, storage media, server, RAID etc. It can recover data from deleted, hidden, lost or raw partition. It is able to recover data after computer couldn’t boot up into Windows or other boot problems. The EaseUS data recovery software free can also recover files from recycle bin.

The EaseUS data recovery software is a tool that can recover data only in 3 simple steps and the user has the work of simply following the brief and clear instructions on the monitor. It is a 100% safe file recovery software and very much user-friendly. It never harms your system or damages any part of the system. In fact, it will not overwrite any data.

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