The Impact of Technology on Human Resources

business-woman-working-with-ipadTechnology has not always been a friend to HR in the past because it was never really put to work for the department. Employees could log onto social networks, post about their bosses, read what others were saying and even look up customer reviews but those were all external features. Advances in technology have made a huge impact on Human Resources and now it is an internal affair. Innovative companies around the world are using hi-tech software (and devices) to implement new ways of doing old tasks. Following are just a few of the ways technology has had a positive impact on HR.

1. Streamlined HR Functions – Save Time and Money

One of the major benefits which technology has provided is the ability to streamline many, if not all, routine tasks that in the past took a huge amount of time to complete. Manual calculations and data entry cost companies an inordinate amount of money, especially in labour. With innovate HR solutions, it is now possible to automate many of these functions and data can even be stored in the Cloud, making it totally unnecessary to run expensive mainframes on the premises. HR solutions available such as those offered at enable improved efficiency within the department.

2. Improved Communications

In the past, communications suffered because HR was typically overwhelmed with the routine administerial tasks that required constant attention. From scheduling to hiring to training and even counselling, there was little time to answer all the calls that came in day to day. Email is one of the biggest advances that enable improved communications and now that is often unnecessary as well. With schedules and processes posted in the Cloud and accessible on any mobile device, there is often little need to communicate directly with the HR team.

3. Provide the Ability to Draw from a Much Larger Talent Pool

Recruiting new talent is now easier than ever. In years gone by it was necessary to work through recruiters and post in local periodicals. Some SMEs still utilise professional recruitment firms but even then, technology enables those firms to draw from a much larger talent pool, often on a global level. The internet has made it possible to reach the cream of the crop literally overnight.

4. Real-time Data for Instant Analysis

HR has often been given the job of keeping track of key metrics necessary for cost control. With the availability of data in real time, there are no ledgers to sort through, no lengthy manual calculations and certainly no employees tied up for hours on end. Everything is at your fingertips the moment you need it for instant analysis. Looking to save your company thousands and thousands each year? Real time data only available with technology is the key.

As mentioned, these are only a few of the ways in which technology has had a positive impact on HR. Today’s businesses have advantages never before available and that’s why so many companies are literally growing their bottom line faster than ever before. If you haven’t already brought innovative technology into your busy HR department, now is the time to see just what’s out there. Saving time and money increases your profitability and that is the biggest benefit of all.

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