The Pros of E-Cigarettes vs the Cons of Traditional Cigarettes


E-cigarettes are gaining popularity in the U.S. Their popularity is in part related to their role as alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Discover some of the pros of e-cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes Have No Lingering Odors

You can usually tell if someone is a smoker based on smell alone. The smoke from traditional cigarettes gets absorbed by people’s clothes and hair, leaving behind a noticeable odor. Perfume and cologne can’t totally hide the smell of cigarette smoke either.

E-cigarettes, however, create a vapor with little to no smell. People can vape on their own time and avoid the lingering smell of tobacco odors.

E-Cigarettes Use Fewer Harmful Chemicals

Smoke from traditional cigarettes contains carcinogens that can harm one’s health and lead to cancer. Secondhand smoke is a concern for many people, which is why smoking bans can be found in most public places.

E-cigarettes, however, do not have the same harmful chemicals. Instead, these products use liquid nicotine cartridges that are heated and turned into vapor for users to inhale and exhale. Since the only product contained in the cartridges is nicotine, not all public places have the same ban on e-cigarettes as they do for traditional cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes Allow Nicotine Intake Control

One of the most distinct advantages to using e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes is the ability to control your nicotine intake. E-cigarettes require liquid nicotine cartridges, and these cartridges can be found in different dosage amounts.

People want to quit smoking can use e-cigarettes from providers such as Vaporcade to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine in their system over time, eliminating the need to use nicotine entirely. This method of nicotine cessation is often more effective than nicotine cessation patches or gums.

E-Cigarettes Don’t Create Yellow Skin and Teeth or Brittle Hair and Fingernails

People who smoke traditional cigarettes can face various negative side effects besides cancer. For instance, the tobacco in cigarettes can lead to yellow skin and teeth, and brittle hair and fingernails. These oral and skin side effects, however, are not a problem with e-cigarettes. People who vape report no negative effects to their skin, teeth, hair, or fingernails.

E-Cigarettes Are Less Expensive Than Traditional Cigarettes

Smoking traditional cigarettes can be expensive. The price of a pack of cigarettes can be driven by the high taxes placed on them by the government. E-cigarettes, however, offer a significant cost savings for people looking to feed their nicotine cravings. Some research reports people spend 40 percent less on e-cigarettes and nicotine cartridges in a month than what they would spend using traditional cigarettes. An e-cigarette can be used over and over with replacement nicotine cartridges while traditional cigarettes obviously cannot.

If you’re thinking about making the switch, e-cigarettes offer some beneficial advantages when compared to traditional cigarettes. These benefits make them an alternative for people who have a nicotine addiction but want to make changes in their habits and lifestyle. Vaping can present a safer alterative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

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