Reasons why a responsive website is beneficial to hotel firms for higher bookings

A successful hotel website needs to be appealing to travellers so they want to stay on and book a room. There are so many sites online that just do not tick the right boxes and include boring content, awful pictures and lengthy videos. Tourists are usually busy individuals and desire to get through the process of booking quickly out of the way. A key thing firms must do is create a mobile-friendly website that loads speedily and is easy to navigate. Mobile phones are now widely used to book rooms so the smartphone version of a hotel website needs to look good, as tourists could rapidly lose interest and head to a rival company.


Travellers often use more than one device when researching and booking a destination, so the site needs to look great on a desktop computer, tablet and smartphone. A responsive website design is exactly what a company needs to get ahead of their competitors. There are some vital things that hotel firms need to do when they are working on their website. Firstly, they should make sure that the site has large navigation buttons to click on so that tourists can quickly get to the booking engine or other parts of the site. Any pop-up windows should resize so that users can get rid of them without having to scroll down the phone.

The website should adjust easily to be viewed in portrait or landscape so travellers can see information in whichever way they would like. The site just has to look pleasing to the eye and allow tourists to get through to the hotel booking engine easily. The text on the site must automatically change to the best viewing size to aid with readability. All sites should allow customers to alter to a reader view setting, which is where they can just simply read copy without any photos, videos and other parts of the website distracting them.

Images need to be optimised so that they load at a faster rate and should be easily resized whether using a tablet or mobile phone. Mobile phones now accept voice search so typical keywords that could be used through this need to added to content on websites. Sites must use long tail keywords that are lengthier and slightly more specific phrases that could often be searched for online. A website’s search engine ranking could be raised if this is put into practice. Travellers need to be encouraged to pick a hotel and make a reservation, so companies should try their utmost to create a website that entices them to book.

A firm that can help with creating a responsive website is Digital Hoteliers that will generate a wonderful bespoke website. They have a team of consultants who will provide excellent strategies for creating an app and promoting a hotel company online through SEO and PPC advertising. This fantastic digital marketing agency learns about their clients before changing anything and provides regular reports to share their findings. Digital Hoteliers will also offer a fantastic booking engine that is both multi-currency and allows customers to pay in a number of currencies. A hotel website is guaranteed greater sales that will result in higher profits.

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