Why Technology is the Heartbeat of Sky’s Rapid Growth

by Guest Author on December 15, 2016

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toshiba_ 42SL863B_led_tvThe average UK citizen spends an average of thirty hours a week in front of their television. If that’s the case for you too, then you definitely know about Sky or you are one of its ardent clients who keep calling to verify and clarify an array of issues. Although it receives favourable competition from other leading brands in the industry, Sky TV seems to enjoy a massive client base in the United Kingdom. For a series of years, it has remained the best option for TV, internet and telephone service across UK. It has its main headquarters in London, Munich, and Milan.

On the verge of History

Sky TV has not only made it big in UK but has also gone ahead to capture a concrete portion of the European market. Currently, it boasts of over 22 million customers who are enjoying over 57 million products designed by the company. More so, close to 11 million homes (or even more) are connected to their services. With such statistics being tied to their company, there is no doubt that Sky TV is edging closer to making history (if it hasn’t done that already!). At such a rate, everything seems to be achievable for them. They are inspiring the future.

The Home of Premier League

Sky has embraced an array of technological enhancements, making it possible to broadcast some of the widely sought-after television programs in the world today. For anyone who is a fan of The English Premier League, you know more than anyone else that Sky Sports is the place to catch it live. Millions of consumers all over the world tend to subscribe to Sky sport simply because of that. There is no doubt that Sky is reaping big from such premium sports channels. In fact, it found itself on the wrong side of the law when the body charged with regulating telecommunications in the UK forced it to lower the subscription rates of certain channels that were considered high.

Affordability at its best

Innovative technology aside, Sky seems to have learnt the need for affordability when it comes to their subscription services. It has grown in popularity amongst several households within UK and beyond due to their newly introduced budget friendly packages. For new Sky customer in UK, the company is offering even better competitive service charges. You might just want to slip in and be part of a huge wave of satisfied clients! Their consistent surge for technological revolution has made it easier for Sky to come up with customised pricing options for its customers depending on individual need and personal preferences.

Supportive Customer Care System

If there is another aspect that might as well be fostering the rapid popularisation of Sky, adept customer care service using latest technology would be that thing. It is common for television services and network systems to be affected by prevailing weather conditions. In case you have such issues with Sky, you can contact them through their direct line. You are bound to receive seamless support from their caring team.
With cutting edge technology, innovative products and seamless customer care support, you have every reason to enjoy the services of Sky, one of the biggest players in the entertainment industry.

Guest article written by: Stephen Rushford is a telecommunication consultant. Besides providing consultation services to renowned media firms, he also enjoys educating the minds of various consumers, including Sky customers in UK. If you have any questions for him, you can get him directly via email.

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