What is White Hat SEO and How to Use It in Your Website


Do you want your site to get ahead of the rest and become a useful part of the internet – then carrying out white hat SEO practices is the way to go. Over the years, many changes have taken place in Google with the implementation of Hummingbird, Panda, and Penguin.

Therefore, before you even start thinking about white hat techniques you need to know, “What is SEO?” Search Engine Optimisation is a method used to increase the number of visitors to your website and done by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search result pages of different search engines known as SERP.

While white hat SEO uses different techniques to make sure that, your website performs well on different search engines without cheating. It is important to make sure your website design is SEO friendly. When using the white hat techniques, you do it the natural way of adding quality to your site and you need to consider different factors that are also cost effective SEO practices. This includes:

  • Writing natural content,
  • Providing interesting videos and images,
  • Making use of meta information,
  • Looking at site architecture,
  • And how your site performs

Keywords still rule in white hat SEO


Many SEO SEM companies still use keywords and if you plan to do your own SEO, it is best to use these words correctly. These days the SEO professionals do not place keywords in the Meta information, as many search engines do not look at them anymore.

If you are a frequent content writer, you know that you must not stuff up your article with a keyword density of 7%, as this will lessen the quality of the piece you have written when it comes to SEO testing. The fact remains that keywords still play an important part in site content, blogs, video, images, and even PPC.

Content is everything

One cannot stick to a poorly written piece by adding content once a month or even using text spinners. Your content must be original, useful to your industry & audience, and related to your work. Write articles with proper spelling and grammar and for your images and videos, you need to include an ALT tag, description, and title with proper research in place.

Using white hat SEO properly adds value to your audience

To perform your best in search results you need to use white hat SEO properly as this adds value to your viewers and industry. Make sure your site performs well and designed well, enabling different users to view your site on different platforms.

Present users with fresh content and ideas with a mix of multimedia content while utilising social media to ensure that your brand stands out. Do not buy links, as this will cost you with Google and rather go the organic way, as it is a cost effective SEO procedure.

Another great and valid technique is guest blogging and you need to approach it naturally. Use similar domain sites to your own if you are planning to go this way.

These are only a couple of techniques you can use to improve your white hat SEO techniques and the most important of all is to remember that your content needs to be excellent as this will drive users to your site.

Guest article written by: Amir is an Online Marketing Strategist and Public Relations consultant at Algorithm Digital Marketing Services. Along with holding a master degree in relevant subject, he has been working in the field of marketing and communications for over Seven years and developed strong knowledge and skills in writing journal articles and blogs. Follow him on Twitter @amirnoghani

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  1. I think site loading time also varies for SEO, Google also considering the Loading time of any site. As the other Unique and Fresh well content also works to drive more traffic as organic traffic.

    Great Article @Amir
    Thanks for share

  2. Hi Amir,

    Another way to look at good SEO is to think of topics people search for and not just keywords, and create quality content around that.

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