Console Chaos – Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all plan releases

sony_playstation3_wireless_virtual_surround_headsetConsole Conundrums afoot

While the gaming console market has long seemed a calm and serene space with the obvious contenders to choose from, it appears that the manufacturers have decided to mix things up a bit and announce an incredulous 5 new devices that have just entered or will be making their debut in the market before the end of 2017! While some gamers may see this as a whole range of new potentials to engage with, will the newly-convoluted space win the trust of investors or will traders and spread betting brokers have their chance to enjoy the profits that come from shares prices tumbling as sales decline from over-crowding in the market space. Visit this site for detailed report and latest trading news.

For those who are not yet aware of all of the newly released and upcoming devices – take a look below to gain an appreciation of just how congested the games market will soon become:

Xbox One S – available now in stores

While this new device is largely just a 40% size reduction on their previous model, it’s 4K compatibility and Ultra-HD Blu-ray player may tempt those who already have a TV and are looking for a companion for it.

Slimline Playstation 4 – newly released on 16th September 2016

Set to replace the original model 4, it will be smaller in size and feature an upgraded DualShock controller and improved 5GHz WiFi – but won’t support 4K

Playstation 4 Pro – coming 10th November 2016

£90 more than it’s slimline version, its’ improved Playstation VR abilities and 4K upgrade will allow players to enjoy upscaled games and better resolutions on their TV steaming services.

Nintendo NX – available from March 2017

While little is known about this, their previous launches have left many software publishers with little faith of Nintendo’s ability to succeed. It could feature upgraded graphics and is supposed to be a cross between a handheld device and a console, so may be worth it if you are looking to save money buying games for multiple platforms.

Xbox: Project Scorpio – out Winter 2017

Rumoured to be the most powerful option on the market at its’ release, this will combine solid 4K performances with phenomenal VR compatibility. It will also accept all Xbox One and One S games while upgrading their graphics – so by the far most tempting of the 5 choices, but over a year away.

   While some may argue that the Playstation duo will be largely in conjunction with each other – as one will offer 4K and the other will not, bear in mind that these new devices will be in addition to the original Playstation 4 (albeit being discontinued), the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U. The only thing that is certain is that the market is about to get a whole lot busier and users will have to weigh up, much like their phone handsets, whether they can hold out for the best performer – the Xbox: Project Scorpio – or want to upgrade early and sacrifice later potential. For now, I’ll stick with the Spread Betting review opinions and back all earlier ones to fail in the market as nobody wants to buy something that they know will be obsolete in a year.

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